teething troubles

Have you tried "Nelsons" or "Ashtons and Parsons". I can't remember which is which but one is a powder and the other is granules. I have friends who swear by them! Going to get some in ready for when I need them!


  • I don't know what you can get hold of in germanybut with both of mine i've found Dentinox teething gel fantastic.
    Poor thing it must be horrible for them. I hope you're otherwise all well xx
  • Glad you can get hold of it. It's better than bonjela as can be used quite regularly every 20mins i think. Let us know how you get on xx
  • Anbesol is good for ulcers too!! I didn't know that you could still get it!

    Yes the 2 I suggested are homeopathic. I have a friend who used them on both her sons.
  • Hi Caroline, Ive used Nelsons on Niamh but it didnt work so well with Tara. Where can i get the Ashtons and parsons?
    Kas xx
  • I had it for Ethan i think i got it from Boots. xxx
  • Cool,thanks Tasha, will look there
  • I know Boots have them. Our local pharmacy also stocks them, sorry I was away bathing Bronwyn. Decided to get her to bed earlier tonight as she's a bit grotty.
  • Im not the only one ith a grotty baby today then?
  • No, she's not settlng tonight either! She's cryig halfheartedly at the minute, this is usually her hungry cry so i might try her with a bottle.
  • Bless her. Will this be it then, or does she still have a nite feed?
  • I tricked her with the bottle, gave her the last ounce and then whipped the dummy in. It has done the trick as she has gone quiet! She will have a bottle between 4 and 6, its been 6 the last 2 days!
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