christmas decorations

That is such a good idea, i can't wait to do things like that wilth Jessica.


  • I've bought a biscuit giongerbread house and gingerbread hanging hearts to do with ethan, i can't wait!!

    They have some lovely ideas at hobbycraftboo thanks for that we have a store near us so may pop in xx
  • Thanks Boo, thats great. Havent been to hobby craft for ages. May see you in there Tasha!
  • Hehe wouldn't that be funny if we ever bumped into each other?!!!
    We would have to go for a coffee!!!!!!
  • oh my god, definitely. Its quite likely we would see each other in Northampton xmas shopping.
    Do you go to MK often? I love the xmas displays. Am planning on taking the girls soon.
  • yep we go there but only at christmas to see the display!!!!
    My dad works closeto the mk centre and said the themes wind in the willows this year!
    Ethan loves the carousel and i love the shopping
    i'm afraid i'm almost done with xmas shopping so may not go to northampton it will have to be hobbycraft!!!! xxxx
  • Hobby craft it is then. he he
  • Deal!!!!!
    We'll have to time it well to increase the chance of bumping into one another without gillan realising i'm using him as a taxi service!!!
  • There has been a childrens charity advertising a christmas activity book on tv. All you have to do is ring and they send you the book.
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