hello Tasha

Yep think so! It's been quiet all day actually mainly just Zoe and I sending PM's!!

We haven't got Ethan tonight he's at the inlaws!!!

How's your weekend so far? xx


  • how's the bathroom coming on then?

    Just eaten fish for the 1st time in about 15 years (i saw my dad choke on a fish bone and it put me off- he was fine) so very pleased with myself and gillans very happy as he adores fish!!!!!
  • Will do boo!! Have a nice weekend yourself chat soon x
  • Evening Dawn, how are you?! xx
  • Hi Tasha

    I'm fine thanks, how are you?
    It seems pretty quiet on here tonight!!
  • I know, saturday nights are usually really busy with a marathon chat!! Think we've been stood up!!!!

    As i told Boo ethans at my in laws and i can't believe what a long and quiet evening it's been, really lovely! Amber's really enjoyed having us to herself as well!

    By the way, i'm very proud! Amber's now on 2 meals a day pear and potato!! How's Cameron doing? xx
  • Oh that's fantastic, i bet she's really enjoying that.
    Is it cauliflower next?

    Cameron's still got a touch of the cold, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. He's still the same cheeky monkey, making everyone giggle!!!!!

    What are you up to tomorrow?

    We've not got much on, food shopping and then i think my brother's coming to visit with his new girlfriend (another one!!!!)
  • Evening Gracey! we're really good thanks how are you? And how are the boys? xxxxx
  • hi Dawn, Yes it's cauliflower next although she needs to stick to pear and potato for another 2 weeks saying that next weekend we're to give her homemade chips!! I can't wait, especially to be able to give her tea with ethan and he'll definately love it!!

    I'm glad camerons not too bad with his cold at least he's at the age where he can have medicines! He looks really cheeky and friendly i bet he has everyone wrapped round his finger?!!

    Not doing much tomorrow will collect ethan about lunchtime and before that i'm hoping to get a chance to make some sugar craft flowers, i started an evening class last week and have some homework to do!!!
  • We're getting there only a couple more general presents to buy then i just have gillan to get for and the kids stocking fillers but that's the bit i really love!!!

    I can't wait to put up all the decorations we go mad in our house and i'm excited about seeing the kids faces!!

    What do you do at christmas?! x
  • Hi all
    My brother has babe for the night and rileys in bed,finaly got the chance to have a glass of wine and relax.
    Whats everyone been up to.

    Emma xx
  • Yeah, i've got on the computer!! Bil been and him and James have had the compute most of the night.

    How are you all?
  • Hi zoe
    Havent had the chance to get on all week and my inbox is jammed,just going through real quick tho.

    Oh yeah we got a letter from the local school we want riley to go to and have got an appointment for december 7th the day before his birthday.Realy weird my little boys growing up.
  • Hi grace

    We are all fine,did i tell you we finaly got made the foster carers for chantelle.
    She's getting big,hope you and boys are good.
  • evening everyone, boo and i thought we'd been forgotten!!
    i won't be staying on for long as we are having an ethan free night so really should be snuggled up with gillan in front of the tv!!
  • Hi everyone. How come so many of you have the evening off from the children?! Mine is still sneaking out of bed to play with his cars on the landing.
  • Hi all,

    Emma, It must be a relief to know that Chantelle will be staying with you. I hope both her and Riley are ok.

    Gracey, we are all fine thanks. The kids are in bed and the computer is free. I'm going to go and watch some t.v. with James, but i'll sneak back on before bed.

    Tasha and Boo. Hope you are both ok.

    Chat soon. Zoe x
  • Hi tasha,make the most of tonite,hehe!

    Hi grace,this was done friday last in court,we have to go to chelmsford county court next which is the 30th nov to have it all done signed and sealed then yes she's with us for quite some time.
    Rileys been great about it all,realy loving towards her,quite lucky realy.

    We are almost finnished for xmas,just each over to buy for and waiting to put the decks up,riley will understand much more this year so it will be great.cant wait.
  • i can get away with it at the minute as i'm giving amber her bottle but then i'll have to go!!

    we have a busy cristmas we go to my mums for breakfast on xmas morn then inlaws for lunch. on boxing day we go for lunch with my mum's family and i'll be able to see my twin!!

    Is oisin nearly walking then?!! xx
  • I envy you! Some nights Bon doesn't get to sleep until after ten because he will fight sleep to play. He was pushing his scooter around the landing last night.
  • Emma, i intend to!!!!!!

    Glad riley and chantelle are well is she getting more mobile now?!
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