Off now...

Hi Boo
I am watching Top Gear too!!! I am addicted and have been watching re-runs on Dave!!


  • Hi Boo, enjoy your telly time.
    Speak soon
    Kas xx
  • Yep i love it too and am watching at the mo with a miserable teething baby curled up on my lap!!
    Then there's Ewan Mc'Gregors long way down to watch!!!!!

    Boo at least we're giving you lots to read for your next time on!!!
  • Well, I can't blame anyone for ditching PP to watch fast cars! The best of all the car programmes, can't be beaten. Also helps that I used to know a couple of the presenters on one of the other ones and I wouldn't waste my time... Nice to find other girls who like Top Gear.
  • I'm watching it too. I've left John downstairs watching heartbeat!!!!!
  • I thought your hubby was into cars Dawn?!!!!
  • I hate Simon Cowell. Bring back Ellen MacArthur!
  • He is, just not really modern stuff.
    He'd far rather watch heartbeat and look at the old ford anglias!!!!!!
  • I usually like simon cowel but thought he was a pompous git on that!
    This race they're doing looks good!!!
  • I have to admit it was a toss up between heartbeat and Top gear. Top Gear is great as Gareth likes it too and it means that I don't have to watch his sports 24/7.
  • The boat should win and I reckon it should be quite close between the Merc and public transport. It will be interesting...
  • I love all the challenges that they do, i think it's one of the best programmes on the telly at the mo!!!!!
  • Yep i think Clarkson too but the bike may just beat the car!
  • I love that they don't care about political correctness and just have fun. Astonishing that the BBC still fund it but oh so pleased that they do! And the best place to find out the truth about cars.

    Typical police! What a load of rubbish! I mean don't try and stop real criminals...
  • Definately! I'm not really into cars and i don't even drive but i love that show!!!

    Thought the other week when clarkson took the car into the BBC centre was hillarious!!!!
  • He always wins, i'd love one of the others to beat him this time!!
  • I think Hamster will win! He should wearing those shorts!!!!

    I am waiting for the next boat challenge where they have to adapt a car into an amphibious vehicle!!! The last one was hilarious!!!!
  • I know! I can't believe they got away with smoking pipes on air and then just took the mickey at the complaints - very funny!!!!
  • This is like something out of a James Bond! I love that boat!

    Wow - the bike won.
  • Yay the hamster won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yay go Hammond!!!!!!!
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