Hi Girls,

How are you all today?

It's been nice and sunny here today, but very cold. It wasn't too bad in the sun so we had some time out in the garden late morning. Charlotte loved it. She's not had a nap today and she has been on the go constantly, just stopping for snacks!! She should be shattered but showing know signs of being sleepy.

Jack seems to have had a good day at school.

Anyway as I wasn't on much over the weekend, I thought I would say Hi.

Zoe x :


  • Hi Zoe!

    i know we've just been chatting but thought it would be rude not to reply!!!

    Plans for doing my flowers have gone out of the window again as Ambers really unsettled and stuck on my lap.

    My wonderful hubby has taken ethan to tescos to buy the new Harry Potter dvd for me!!! Yay!!!!

    Is Jack still asleep?!! xxxxxx
  • Ah, that's sweet of him. Will you try and watch it later or will you save it for the weekend?

    Jack has woke up but he is very mardy. He is either still very tired or coming down with something. Charl had a nice bath but she hasn't calmed down. They are sat in front of the night garden and she's laughing at them!! When will I get her in bed?

    You will have to be good and practice the flowers tomorrow when the children are napping.

  • Yeah fat chance!!! They hardly ever nap at the same time!
    Really hoping Amber'll sleep well later so i can do some, i also have to prepare for my BF course tomorrow.

    I'll probably not get to watch harry potter until Wednesday although i can't wait so it may be a case of stuff the flowers!!

    Hope you get Charlotte to bed ok and that Jack cheers up and isn't getting poorly xxx
  • I know what you mean, if my two slept at the same time it was for ten minutes max!!

    Hope the BF course goes well tomorrow.

    See how you go, maybe chat later.

    Zoe x
  • Having to buy things never makes it fun, and what a long list, 25 people! Do you have a big family or lots of obligations to friends? Are they easy to buy for or all blokes?!
  • Hi Zoe, I wasnt on over the weekend, and had a fair bit to catch up on last nite.
    Its been fairly sunny here too.
    Ant wasnt working till 11 this morn, so did some work for the business, then, when ant went to work, went fo a bit of food shopping. Had afternoon in. Niamh is down with a cold, so just chilled, bit of telly time, but she did do some colouring and water play too. Taras been a little grumpy, but nothing too major, think she may be coming down with the cold too.

    Hope you all had a nice day and weekend
    KAS XX
  • We did a bit of Christmas shopping today too!! My sister and i usually have a day out shopping in December so i think i'll leave the rest until then, John can look after Cameron and i'll have a day off!!!!!

    I tried to give Cameron a bottle in the car, but he's so nosy he kept trying to pull himself up to look out the window, so by the time we got home i had one very hungry little boy.
  • Hi Kas,

    I hope Niamh and Tara are ok. How are they sleeping at the moment?

    Charl hasn't had a nap today and she's been very busy, she finally gave in at 7.30 and went to bed no problem, she even said yes when I asked her if it was time, that's rare.

    Jacks not long gone up but i've put a film on for him. He fell asleep after school today and hasn't been quite right since he woke up, i'm not sure if he might be starting with something. Anyway, he's had some calpol, so see how he is in the morning.

    Zoe x
  • HI Zoe,
    hope Jack feels better in the morning.
    Bet Charl will sleep well tonight.

    Girls are still sleeping great thanks.
    Oh, speaking of films, did you see that the Sun newspaper were giving away free copies of Santa Claus the movie on Sat? we got a copy. I love it, and hoping that Niamh will too.

    Kas xx
  • No I didn't see that. Jacks favourite is Polar Express. I must admit I like it to. I expect it will be on most weekends now til New Year in our house!
  • I wanted to see that but never got round to it. All my friends say they loved it (oh, and their kids too). Will have to see it this year.
  • Hi Girls,
    last nite i managed to answer one post. It was manic here, the phone just kept ringing, so havent even read all new posts. Ants on a late tonight, so i'll catch up with you all then.
    Oh, Boo, yes it was Saturday just gone.

    Kas xx
  • Hi kas
    How are you we didn't chat yesterday it's shocking!!!!!
    Gillan and amber are poorly so it's joyful in our house!
    How's the potty training going still good i hope! xxx
  • Hi Tasha,
    Im good ta,
    I know, its disgusting a whole day and we didnt chat. Got lots of catching up to do.
    Poor Gillan and Amber. Whats wrong with them? Is Ambers still upset tummy?
    Potty training still good thanks. Although she went to playschool yest and didnt go to toilet at all, but was still dry when i picked her up. Hope it was just that she didnt need to go and not that shes going to have funnys bout using playschools toilet.
  • Hi Girls,

    Glad you are ok. How did you cope, 24 hours and no contact? Are you both feeling ok?

    Joking apart, I hope Niamh hasn't got a loo phobia, it could make things difficult for you. I'm sure it was that she just didn't want to go. She's done very well so far for you.

    Hope to chat soon, Zoe x
  • I know Zoe, its shocking. We'll make up for it tonight,

    I really hope so Zoe. She'll go on every other loo. I did realise she had only had a small cup of juice that morning at playschool, and when she did eventually go, she really went!!
  • She did well to hold it in then.

    Are you on here for long tonight or will you be watching I'm a celebrity? I'll have the portable on and be on here if there's anyone to chat to that is!
  • im on tonight, but ants home at 9, so he'll prob want it for a while.
  • James will be back at half nine and he'll want it then so I have to make the most of it before then.
  • Have you got plans for the weekend?
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