I'm a Celebrity......

Get me out of here,
Is anyone going to watch it!
Im very sad but i do enjoy it, i didn't get to see alot of it last year as Jessica was tiny and used to cry when it was on!


  • I'm not a huge fan of it, but i do sometimes watch it if there's not much else on.

    Who's going into the jungle this year?
  • Ill probably have it on. Ants out and ive got comp to myself, so i'll be on here and have telly on in background. Knowing me, I'll probably get right into it this year. Sometimes I do, sometimes i dont, depends!!
    Enjoy it.
    Kas xx
  • Im not sure who is going in yet, i am obviously the only sad person on here. I must get out more!
  • Just got Kas post, so make that two sad people!
  • Nope, make that 3!!!!
  • Hi Simone,

    Make that three!! James moans "you've got that rubbish on again" but I love it. I don't usally watch these sorts of programs but this one i do like.

    Anna Ryder Richardson, Jason from the boy band Five, Gemma Atkinson, A chef John somebody, I can't think of the others right now.
  • Lucyanne beat me to it, so I must be number 4
  • Well i am going to say goodnight to you all, to go and watch it.
    Chat to you all soon and have a good week. xx
  • Will chat to you about it soon!!
  • Night Simone.
    Chat soon bout it.
    Kas xx
  • It's going to be good!!
  • That Janice is sooo rude, and very annoying.
    Hope she is voted out first. If not then i hope she has to do all the trials. My fav's to win are 'j' or Anna. Shall we have a little wager?
  • Well i did enjoy it, but i agree with you Lucyanne about Janice, she is a right pain!
    Im on for the wager, J to win!
  • Who IS Janice?! I am having real problems figuring out the contestants this time round. I know who Gemma is and the chef, only because he was on a show earlier in the year, the guy who used to be on Eastenders (did someone take a bite out of his chin?) and the interior designer, I know the name, but the rest? Maybe I am a bit sheltered!
  • Well, I think Janice as annoying as she is will stay in the show for a while as she has the entertainment value causing arguments, etc, is good t.v. But I don't want her to win. I think Anna did well to jump out the helicopter, i didn't think she would, I'm going to go for her as my wager, I think she'll do ok.
  • YOU CANT TOUCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hehehehe. Very good.
  • Oh yes. how could we forget.

    I even remember the nolan sisters and bucks fizz and dancing to the birdy song.( not in a night club I hasten to add)
  • Lucyanne, that made me laugh!
  • What are we all thinking then about it. Any good?
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