End of week one of potty training!!

Hi guys,
Well, today was the end of the first week of potty training Niamh, and Im soooooooooooooo proud of her. She has done much better than I expected. We went away over the weekend and had NO accidents at all. Today we had one, but it was my fault as I was washing up, and couldnt dry my hands quick enough. It was a poo!! Thats only the second poo accident. Dont think thats too bad. Shes also now cracked the asking and going on the potty whilst wearing pants and trousers/skirt. Last week, she was doing really well, but only when she was left without anything on bottom half.

Sorry bout the essay, just wanted to say how well its going.
I hope you are all well.

Kas xx


  • That's fantastic!!!!!!
    Well done Niamh
  • That's great Kas. WELL DONE NIAMH!!!
  • That's really great, Kas, Niamh has done so well to get that far in a week. Accidents will happen but she'll get better at going on her own as she practices. Do you go out with her a lot? Have you got a travel potty or is she fine on toilets?
  • Thats great news Kas!
    Well done Niamh
    Will she get a reward for cracking it so quickly?

    You will have to give me some tips when Katelins time comes.
  • thanks guys. i was surprised myself at how quick she picked it up, but like i said in another post, i think waiting until she was really ready helped.

    nicolette, yes, I do go out a lot with her, and we went to stay with friend at the weekend. We generaly take her potty, but she went on the toilet a couple of times at my friends house, and this morn when we went shopping we forgot her spare clothes and potty, but she was fine. She asked for a wee. and I just took her to the ladies, she was fine there too.

    Lucyanne, I took her swimming Friday (I take her every Friday) but said that this weeks trip was a treat for doing so well. Oh, and Ant and I gave her "pennies" (a £ each) and she was told she could buy what she wanted./ She chose a princess tiara from Asda.
    she'll get one this week too for actually cracking it with pants and trousers on, and telling me when she needs to go. Not sure what the treat will be, but I'll think of something. Maybe a new book.
    I think the best tip is to wait until they are ready. my mil kept encouraging me to do it. Itried a couple of times, but it didnt work. I knew this time though!!

    Thanks again!!
  • You're right kas,
    Aaron was really late coming out of nappies, he was 3 1/2.
    But I knew he was'nt ready till then. He cracked it really quickly too. He was able to be dry at night at the same time. I thinks it was because I did'nt push it. Even though I felt pressured to, from other people.
  • thats exactly how I felt Lucyanne. People can be so competative. When I think about how Niamhs life has changed in the last six months, to crack it so quickly, i was pleased. She had a baby sister, thats a major thing for a tddler to cope with.
  • Thats right.
    She's done brilliantly though. long may it continue.

    Is she prefering to use the toilet to the potty?
  • She's really not bothered whatevers available. Shes stopped getting excited about stickers now too, so ive not really offered, just lots of cuddles and praise all the time. Shes obviously happy with that.
  • Well done Niamh!
    That is really good and it hasn't taken long either, lets hope this week is just as good. xx
  • Well done Niamh!!
    And well done Kas for cracking it so quickly wish Ethan was doing as well!!!!
  • Hi Tasha. Don't worry about Ethan, he'll do it when he is ready and pushing it just means it will take longer. Bon was just turned three when he started the process and he had it sussed in three days, plus inevitable accidents. I don't normally like her, but I would reccomend the Gina Ford book on toilet training. It is a step by step process laid out with tips and help and case studies so you don't feel like your child is the only one. Ethan will get there, they all do in their own time.
  • Hi kas
    Thats great x

    Hi tasha,ethan will crack it,riley took a while and is almost 3 now and doing well during the day.we only have the odd one or two accidents still but his better than i expected.His not dry at night just yet coz ive got to get him out of drinking 2/3 lots of milk.

    I did a sticker chart and used characters he liked and let him choose and stick it on,that helped us.

    Good luck tho

    Emma xx
  • Hi all, thanks for the messages. Im sure we'll have plenty more accidents before we are completely dry. Glad to see we all go through the same thing.
    Tasha, I wouldnt worry bout Ethan, he'll soon get there. Im not convinced we are totally there yet with niamh, but fingers crossed.

    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • Awwww well done niamh

    hope it keeps going well for u hun

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