tasha, where are you??????

Hi Tasha, where are you tonight?
Dont make me go another nite without a chat with you. he he.
Hope you are ok.
I assume you are looking after your poorly family. Hope they are ok.
Is Gillan a typical man patient or is he quite good?

Hope to chat soon
Kas xx


  • I hope all is ok Tasha.

    Catch you soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Ahhh thanks kas and zoe
    nice to know you missed me!!!
    It's just been crazy at home i've managed to get online a bit but obviously not when you've been around!! Things ok gillans feeling a bit better and ambers ok (worrying as she's no longer on the pear and has suddenly recovered) we're just waiting on the test results now.

    Gillans quite a good patient actually and has really tried to help this evening bless him!

    How are you all? xxxx
  • Sorry Tasha, i didn't realise your family had been poorly!
    Do you think it was the pear or just a coincidence!
  • Hi Tasha,
    glad alls ok.
    I really hope it all gets sorted with Amber.

    Simone, is it a new photo of Jessica?
  • I don't think its a new photo, but i changed the ticker to count down two her second birthday!
  • aaah, thats what it is.
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