Playgroup Photographs!

Hi All

I just had to tell you about the photographs Ethan had taken at playgroup yesterday, i was only told about it as i dropped him off but was then invited to take Amber in so they could have a pic taken together.

It was in a victorian style!! All the kids (including Amber)got dressed up boys in shirts, flat caps etc and the girls in smock dresses with aprons and floppy lace hats! Ethan and Amber looked gorgeous together (although not very smiley) and the pics will be printed in sepia!

It wouldn't be my normal taste but with my kids in it i quite liked them (biased i know) and Ethan really enjoyed the experience!


  • That is really good, i bet they looked so sweet.
    Do you have a scanner, so that when you get them we can see them.
  • How lovely. I like that sort of thing, I think the children look so sweet. If we can get to see the photo it would be nice.

    Zoe xx
  • They sound brilliant, hope we get to see them!!!!
  • I don't have a scanner but loads of my family do so will definately try and put it on. I'll have to scan them anyway to get copies as the prices start from £12 each!!
  • Sounds like a lovely idea. Bet they'll be gorgeous.
    Cant wait to see them
    Kas xx
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