Hello Rileys mum!!!


Looks like we're the only one's on at the moment!

Been to the in laws tonight and only just got back so trying to enjoy my hours peace before Amber needs a feed!!

How are you all?


  • Hi tasha

    Ive got me glass of wine finally and rileys in bed but chantelle is happy wriggling on the floor so thought id jump on and sort out me messages.

    Did you do much today,we did the last of the familys xmas shopping so just us two to get for which we will do when his mum can have the kids one wed evening so we can go for a drink as well,talking of drink adis taking me out monday night as its me birthday(25th)just going for a meal.

    Are you all set for xmas

  • Hi Is Chantelle getting quite mobile now then?! ambers been crawling about 2 weeks and is getting pretty speedy now it's very cute!

    I met a friend for coffee this morn and did a spot of shopping, bought Amber 2 gorgeous dresses!! My in laws had ethan this afternoon so we could sort the house out a bit then we went to theirs for a gorgeous dinner!! My mil was in a right mood though!!

    Happy birthday for monday! Make sure you enjoy your quality time with Adi!

    I'm nearly done for xmas just hubby and kids extra presents to get but thats the fun bit!! I'm getting far too excited already!! xx
  • Chantelle's almost getting it with rolling over but i have always put her on hre front so she gets used to holding her head up and she already trying to dig her feet in and push.Dont think it will take her long tho.

    At the mo while on her back she ends up goin round in circles where she tris to roll over.

    We have got to baby proof all over again as we are not so worried with riley anymore but it starts all over again with a new baby.

    Do you no why youe mil was in a mood?
  • It sounds like she's doing brilliantly Amber started by going round in circles, it's so funny to watch! It must be a bit of a shock to you to have to do baby proofing again! It was Ethan who struggled withg amber being mobile as she was after his toys and follows him around like his shadow. he had a fit!!

    My mil and i get on great most of the time as long as i go along with everything she says!! She's much nicer after a glass of wine and we have a real laught but tonight was a dry night!! Think she was just a bit stressed tonight!

    Do you have much planned for tomorrow? xx
  • Sorry just gave chantelle her bottle and put her to bed.

    Adi's ment to be helping his dad put up a green house but the weather is set to be nasty again so we dont no yet,we may still just pop over to see them.Its quite nice realy someimes as his dad and step mum live 5mins one way and his mum lives 5min in the opposite direction.We do get on but me and his mum do sometimes not see eye to eye and have very heated debates but other than that we get along great.come to think of it ive never seen him mum tipsy or drunk before and we've been together 7 almost 8 years.

    Im being naughty now,i got myself a pot of pringles to go with me wine and just no that they are so moreish that i may end up eating the lot,ummmmah

  • Good for you enjoy!!!

    I'm so stuffed from dinner i want some chocolate but i know i'll regret it so i'm being good for now!!

    We've got a triple 3rd birthday party to go to tomorrow which gillans delighted about as he gets rid of us all for 3 hours!! Going to have a BIG clearout of Ambers clothes in the morning as she's growing out of them too fast!
  • Do have fun wont you.

    DO you go on a site called freecycle,they are in every area.Its all stuff people dont want anymore but still in good nik.On ours theres always people giving away cars,good runners but they just cant afford to run them anymore.Iv'e had a few things from there but foud i had alot more to offer.
    my cousin gives me all her sons and 10mths old daughters clother for riley and chantelle,it nice coz it means i dont have to buy loads for them and like you espically babies as she grows so fast.
  • My dads told me about it he gave away his old computer via the site. I'll be passing on Ambers clothes to my friend who found out she was having a girl last week and is up for having anything i can give her!!

    With ethan, i've never been handed anything down as all my friends had girls, my twin had a boy but only 26days earlier so not a big enough age gap tp swap clothes! I've been given so much for Amber which has been fab but i literally have about 10 binbags to sort through!!
  • Blimey,thats a fare few.
    I never got anything from my sisters bearing in mind they have 7boys between them but i always gave my younger sister rileys for her youngest but she never used them,saved them up for the eldest at school as they do a charity thing each year,whatever weight they get in clothes they get a percentage back in money for the school.The clothes did go to needy kids all over the world tho but it was just she never said.But it is nice to no i did make a contrabution to help.
    With the clothes my cousin give me for chantelle i pass back to her when chantelle is out of them as she has a frined who has a 3mth old but she only just in new born clothes.she was only a week late but very very tiny.

    Did you by any chance watch that secret millionair last week,it realy brought a lump to ya throat.
  • No i didn't! What happened?!! x
  • It was about a run down estate that the council had been getting people out and selling on the houses for re-development,a tiny centre for people to go have a chat,and a club that was open but falling down.The thing that got me was he talked to a girl and her mum,the girl was homless and had lost her daughter to social services and mum was to ill to help.The guy broke down in tears as he was in the same situation as a kid and passed from one foster family to the next then made something with his life to be where he is now,and a bloke and his family who are the only people living in one street with no heating,they cant afford it, and their daughter has health problems.
    They are only allowed to give a certain amount of money to the people they think deserve it mose but he ended up helping veryone.The tiny cafe,he sent in his contractors to build them a guarden to grow veg and other food and made it better for the staff,the people losing their home he got his legal team in to help fight the council,the guy with the ill daughter he paid for their heating to be done and the girls room done up,the falling down centre he gave them 15k to do the roof but later went back and had made it an on going project to get it back to how it once was.

    The bloke was realy genuin.
  • Gosh he sounds wonderful what a good guy the programme soungs great when's it on?

    Thanks for filling me in!
  • Hi Girls,

    Sorry to gatecrash your conversation. Thanks for checking out James website, he's thrilled. It's the reason I've not been on much as he has perfected it.

    Anyway, hope you are having a good evening. It's James 30th tomorrow so i'm not neglecting him too much tonight. He's out tomorrow at the last meeting of the season so i'll be on then. Hope there is someone to chat to!!!

    Take care and chat to you soon, Zoe xx
  • Just been reading what your talking about. I watch the secret millionaire too. Last week especially as he was bought up in Ilkeston which is not too far from me.
  • Hi Zoe you're not butting in at all, it's really quiet on here tonight. I'll sign James guestbook tomorrow, i'm going to show the pics to ethan as he'll love them!!

    I hope to get to chat tomorrow althoughhave a busy day planned. Please wish James a very happy 30th from me!!

    Have a great day tomorrow xxx
  • Its wednesdays at 9pm on 4.

    Rite im putting awat the nibbles coz ive got to go to bed,chantelle sleeping as well as she did last nite and riley not getting into our bed till 7am has kinda done me in so im gonna get some sleep in before they both have me up at 7am demandind brekki.
    Nite nite
    write soon
    Emma xx
  • Goodnight Emma
    It's been lovely to catch up with you, take care of yourself
    Chat soon xxxx
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