Hubby's website.

Hi girls,

This is the website my husband has set up with his stock car photo's. If any of you are interested then take a look and even sign the guest book for him.

Sorry if any of you are bored by this, but this is the competition I have to get on the computer.

Zoe xx


  • It all looks fab!! No wonder Jack and charlotte loves going along!!
    Well done to James on the site it's great and a brilliant way to record all your trips.
    If you go to a northampton meeting again make sure you let Kas and i know so we can meet up!!! xxx
  • I will do. That would be good. The season ends this weekend so it will be after march next year but that would be great.

    Zoe xx
  • Thats really good, i know what you are talking about now!
  • Hi ya,
    Just had a look,how cool.My dad used to take me and my sisters banger racing when we were little,i couldnt get enough of the crashes,great fun for a sunday.Into the monster trucks shoes to.
  • Just wanted to say thank you to those who have taken a look and many thanks to those who signed the guest books.

    Thanks girls.

    Zoe xx
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