Tasha have......

you watched the Harry Potter DVD yet!
I have just watched it and i enjoyed it more this time than when i went to the cinema.
If you have watched it did you enjoy it!


  • Yes i have and Yes i did!!!

    I didn't see it at the cinema only a dodgy downloaded copy!! I got my copy the night it came out and it was SO fab!!!

    Have you read the final book yet? xx
  • Yes i am a huge Harry Potter fan, i read the book in a week and i have read it again! (i havn't got posters up)
  • I did the same Simone, i actually enjoyed Amber feeding in the middle of the night as i could read my book!!
    i thought it was fantastic and it will look brilliant as a film as long as they don't cut too much out!
  • That is the problem, i did notice they cut out quite a bit in this film, like the two way mirror Sirius gave harry and coins used for dumbledores army!
    Very sad that i notice i know!
  • Not sad at all!! I think every fan would have noticed too. It's a shame they have to cut it so much but there's no way all the detail could be added!

    I'm really hoping Gillan will let me buy the box set of all the films when they're done but that might be pushing it as i have most of them anyway!!

    I also have the collectors editions of the first three books one of which my grandad gave to me with a message in for my 21st birthday theyear before he died soit's incredibly special

    gosh can't believe i'm managing to waffle on about harry potter!!
  • Hi just gonna butt in,we have got all the dvd's and have seen the latest and it sounds like we missed alot.
    Why should they cut it all out,look at lord of the rings, almose 3hrs a time.whats the difference when its someones happyness.
  • Perhaps it's because it's also aimed at children?
    Have you read the books? xx
  • Sorry dissapeard last night, computer died!
    I think they have cut out to much, both things that were missed out in this film are used in the last book, so don't know what they will do about that!
  • hi all, gonna butt in here.
    myself and ant are HUGE harry potter fans. only prob is so are all his family (our usual babysitters if we need one), so we had to wait till theyd all been to see it at cinema before we could go. we did get there however.we're going to be brave and put it on our xmas list.people always want to know what to get us. it seems ages 2 wait though, and im seeing it everywhere, so may have to borrow a copy from inlaws before then.
    glad to see theres some more fans on here.
    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • morning simone just seen you're online. Hows things did your hubby get to the stag do ok? xxxx
  • Sorry i missed you Tasha, yes he did get of ok, but i don't think he is enjoying it much! He rang late last night and he was back at the hotel on his own, as all the others had gone to a strip club and its really not his seen!
    Hope you are having a good day, try and catch up later xx
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