Are you ok Boo?

Hi Boo,
Just read about the trouble on the M42 today and know you were off to Warwick for the weekend, so just wanted to check you were alright and that you had missed all what happened.
Not 100% sure you would have used the M42 to get there anyway, but just wanted to make sure.
Hope you're ok.


  • Hi Boo,
    I see you are online, i hope your trip was ok and you didn't get held up in the traffic xx
  • Oh dear, sorry to hear you've all been poorly.
    Hope you're managing to take it easy.

    Take care xx
  • The poor thing, hope she's feeling better soon.
  • Hope she is feeling better soon.
  • Oh Boo, I hate it when the children are sick. I hope you get an explanation for it and she picks up soon.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • I do hope she feels better soon xx
  • They always say it's a virus!
    I would be the same Boo, if she asks for food how can you say no!
  • Hi Boo, sorry to jump in on the conversation, just reading bout Zoe. Poor thing!!
    Hope she soon feels better.
    Doesnt it just get right on your nerves that the docs diagnose everything as a viral infection?

    I agree with not keeping food from her. Its horrible to see your kids poorly, if shes asking for food, shes obviously wanting it.

    Take care
    KAS XX
  • Oh Boo poor little Zoe.
    Are you going to take her back to the Docs?
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