Have you seen the news tonight?

Hi girls,

Just incase you haven't seen the itn evening news the main headline was about missing details, our missing details! Two cd's with all our personnel information on that they have regarding our child benefit account's have gone missing in transit and they don't know where they are! Yes that's right, our names, addresses, d.o.b., N.I. number's, bank details, all the info they have for all of us with kids have gone missing.

Tomorrow morning GMTV are doing a special with helpful information and advice on what we need to beware of and look out for. I don't want to scare anyone, but it is a serious thing if they are in the wrong hands.


  • It was mentioned on watchdog last night but I did'nt realise the extent of it.
    This is really worrying. Its unimaginable what could happen as a result,
    Heads need to roll for this almighty blunder!
  • Thanks for making us aware Zoe, i looked it up on the BBC website and they had lots of useful information thought i'd post it here for those who may not catch GMTV tomorrow
    I'm going to have a good read of it it's bad that it's happened.
    Thanks again Zoe x
  • To right. Especially if the wrong people do get the details. We could all have our identities copied by illegal immigrants, etc. It's very frightening, and they didn't even batter an eye lid when it was announced!!!!!!
  • Thanks Tasha. Nigel and I are going to have a read when Daniel has gone to bed.
    Its scary!
  • Plus the BBC article says the disc was lost on October 18th!!

    It's disgusting that it's only just been announced when all that time we should have been keeping a ccloser eye on our accounts.

    Also i hate the fact that the names and d.o.b's of our children were on those discs.
  • The goverment are not doing themselves many favours just lately.
  • I saw that on the news earlier. I hadn't realised the extent of what had happened though! Fipping typical!!!
  • It has made me so angry, how can they let something like that happen! don't tell me they used the Royal mail!!!

    Will be keeping a close eye on my bank account!
  • No, they used the courrier firm TNT but they didn't go recorded or registered!!!
  • well i shud be ok,astheres nothing inmy account to take pmsl, if they want to add i wudnt mind!

    im$400 overdrawn in my account i get my C.B into!

    but lighthearted joke aside - how irresponsible of them!

  • The thing is it's not just them having our bank details, They have info that they could start credit cards with in our names.
  • Ok now im worried, its not so much my bank details as like claire its never got much money in it! but the thought they could get credit cards with my details is scary!
  • Apparently it only affects people with school age children!
  • Buggar, thats me then
  • Oh I hadn't heard that, but that's me too!
  • you can always rely on the press to blow things out of all preportion and scaremonger as much as possible,

  • I read on the bbc news that is was every child under the age of 16!!
  • That's trus Ant,

    Maybe they're simply stating the worse case scenarios after all they don't actually know that the discs have got in to the wrong hands they could well be simply lost - here's hoping!
  • Higuys,
    Im worried about it too, I hate the idea of our details being copied and people being able to find out about our children etc.

    As you can see, Ant quite often reads the posts, typical man, not worried at all!!

    Kas xx
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