Hi girls!

Seen you are all online so thought i'd say 'Hi'.


  • Hi Zoe!
    How are you???
  • Hi Zoe

    i know we've just chatted on msn but it would be rude not to reply here!!
    Won't be around much tonight as Gillans home!!!

    hope everyones well xxxx
  • Hi Zoe,
    all good ta. Hope you arent too bad with your poorly family. Will be on till about 9ish tonight and hopefully later as ant will be watching heroes.
    Hope to chat
    Kas xx
  • Just attending to the sick and needy!! Will be on and off most of the night!
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    How are things with you tonight?
  • Hi Zoe,
    All quiet here now.
    Nigel has gone to watch England play at a pub with his buddies so I can come on here without feeling guilty.
    All the children are in bed asleep. Although I would'nt be surprised if I see Aaron again some time tonight.

    How is James feeling?
  • Poorly. He's feverish, achey, tired. He's back in bed after having a homemade chip butty. Not sure he actually enjoyed it but he had to eat something with all the tablets he's taking.

    Jacks in bed with him keeping him company. He likes spending time with daddy, it's novel for him!

    Just got to take him some ice cream, won't be long.
  • Ah bless you Zoe, how sweet!
  • I have told you before i am the doting housewife!!!
  • Wow, you are good to your family Zoe, very much the doting wife and mum!!
    Hi to you both.
    Lucyanne, hows your day been in the house of chicken pox?

    Kas xx
  • I'm going loopy!
    Aaron is up and down, but I think staying in all day is no good for me and katelin

    So forgive me if I start to ramble but my contact with adults and the outside world has been rather limited of late!!!
  • Well if you are going to start head butting the wall at least put a crash hat on first!!!

    I know what you mean though, if you choose not to go out that's one thing, but when you can't go out especially this time of the year you can feel very isolated. Never fear your computer friends are here!!
  • Amen to that.
    Thank goodness for www.helpmeithinkimgoingmad.com
  • He he.
    Sounds like we are all the same, love going out with our children. Theres very rarely a day when we stay in the full day
  • Maybe that's what this site should be called!!!

    here's another www.keepmesane.com
  • Lucyanne, you haven't answered!! Would you like some guidence with photobucket?
  • Yeah!! 500 posts Lucyanne, you're notching them up now!!
  • I did on T & K photos post.
    Yes please Zoe.
    Will have plenty of time on my hands over the next few days
  • Up for it tonight or shall we set a date for tomorrow??
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