Photos from Tasha and Kas' meeting with the kids.

Hi guys, right, im completely new to this, so excuse me if it doesnt work. Im going to try and put in the photos. Fingers crossed, hope it works!!Im going to try one to start with, if it works ill carry on



  • That is a gorgeous photo!!!
  • How come there are none of you and Tasha Kas???????
  • Niahm and Ethan make a lovely couple!
    She is very beautiful and Ethan is a handsome little lad.

    Tara and Amber look like they enjoyed their day too.
  • I was thinking that. Lovely photo's of the kids but where are you Kas? We don't know what you look like yet!!
  • Yeah Kas! Where are the pictures of you?

    Tasha, Is Kas big and hairy and looking like she may really be called Brian?
  • Having said that, I could be big and hairy and called Brian too, as no one has seen me either!
  • Damn guys, you've found me out,lol.
    No, Tasha did take some of me, im hoping she'll post hers later.
    The kids had a whale of a time, but think Tasha and I enjoyed it more.he he.
    glad you like the piccies, Tasha has some good ones too.
    I havent seen them all yet, so im looking forward to that too.
    Hope you are all well
    Kas xx
  • OOhhh good more photo's for us to see, tell Tasha to get a move on and post them!!!
  • Shes signed off for a bit, but im hoping she'll come back later. I want to see them too.

    Ok Lucyanne, your turn to post photos!!
  • That stupid car advert is in my way, so i cant go and edit that top photo to make it smaller. gggrrr!!
  • Kas, I would, if I could, but I cant.
    I'm clueless with this sort of thing.
    Nigel registered me on photo bucket but thats as far as we got.
    He makes out he knows what he's doing but quite frankly he dont have a clue either
  • Tasha said she was going to spend some time with Gillan so maybe the photo's will be tomorrow now.

    Lucyanne, If you want to post photo's i'll do you a guide like i did the lilypie if that helps. It would be nice. Have you got a digital camera?
  • Yep indeed I have
  • Great pictures, the children look like they had loads of fun and really got on xx
  • Ok just realised that Tara looks very much like Jessica!
  • Gosh yes she does. esp the one where Amber is looking at Tara.
  • So she does, dudududududududu!!
  • Simone, join us on' hi girls' post
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