FAO Lucyanne

Hi hope you are ok and having a good day!

Just wanted to know if you have even been to the indoor play area in Basingstoke (can't remember the name), if you have is it any good.
I was thinking of taking Jessica there, is there things to do for her age there!

Thanks xx


  • Just read on another post you are not feeling well!
    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Hi Simone,
    Thanks, I'm ok .

    Not sure if you mean Leo's in Hook. If so then its great for 3 plus but its not very good for Katelins age or Jessicas, as they have some of those little tykes cars flying around with kids in and end up bashing in to the younger ones.The children also seem to argue over the cars.
    Food was good though as you choose 5 items to go in a lunch box and its quite healthy stuff.
    I have to say I've never taken katelin, but took aaron when he was much younger, so it may be different now. Parking was a real issue though.
    We go to one every week in Sandhurst, and you would be more than welcome to come with us and try it out!
  • Hi Lucyanne, just read you arent well, hope you are ok.

    Managed to jump on here to read the posts for a bit, as Niamhs allowed to watch her fav program when she gets in from playschool, so shes chilling for a bit, and Taras going for a nap, so thought Id quickly say hi.

    Hope you are having a good day
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas
    I'm fine thanks, when you're a mum you have to be, dont you!
    But like I said last night, I always moan about how I'm feeling. Serves me right really.
    Hope you are having a good day.
  • Oh by the way I tested Katelin and she chose both, but when she had finished them, it was the raisins that she asked for more of!
  • Hehehehe.

    I'm glad she chose the raisins for seconds, I know Jack would go for chocolate everytime, so it's nice to have one that doesn't(more for me then!!!!).
  • Hi Lucyanne
    It wasn't the one in hook, apparently there is one in Basingstoke!
    The one in sandhurst sounds good, but not very good with geography, where is it near!
  • P.S
    I hope you are feeling a bit better xx
  • Hi Simone,
    I fine thanks.
    Its near Camberley, off the A30 or M3.
    And not too far from Wokingham.
    If you are interested I will PM you with the post code so you can put it in your satnav

    Its not too big, and also has an outdoor mini farm to visit if the weather is ok.
  • I've never been to one in Basingstoke, but am always up for trying a new one.
  • Shall i find out about the one in Basingstoke and see what its like and maybe we could both meet there sometime, as its half way for both of us!
    I promise my name is not Brian either and im not big and hairy!
  • Shall we meet up then? I'm not hairy either. Promise!!!
  • Katelin is'nt hairy either.
    Did you want to meet up before Christmas?
    At least I have seen your pics, so I know who I'm looking for.
  • Would be great to meet up, i can do before christmas if you have time! let me know when you can do, maybe in a PM.
  • Yay!! How exciting you two meeting up!!! I hope you have as good a time as Kas and i did! And you HAVE to take some photos!!
  • We will but I will get Simone to put them on here, if she dose'nt mind hehe
  • I will bring my camera and i don't mind putting them on!
    I will make sure i take one of Lucyanne so you can all see her!
  • I will make sure I have a shave then.... hehe
    By the way my real name is.............
  • ........Lucy
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