favourite disney film

Well done Boo!!!

I too love the lion king, i'm also a huge shrek fan (not sure if it's disney though)


  • Nice one Boo!

    I'm not sure i could choose a favourite, i love them all!! it's either monsters inc or Cars. Ethans is definatly toy story 1 and 2!
  • My favourite is Dumbo, makes me cry every time!!!!
  • I put mine on Amy12345678910's post.
    Its Toy story 1 & 2 for me
  • Not sure I could chose one favourite, I love them all and now we've got the kids we're adding to the dvd collection all the time.

    I do really like Robin Hood and the Jungle Book from the older ones, and Cars and the Incredibles from the recent ones.

    Zoe xx
  • I love all the disney films, but my favourites have to be Robin Hood and Beauty and the Beast.
  • I like the romantic ones, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty is probably my fave because of the gorgeous soundtrack and of the modern CGI ones, Cars. Mulan is OK as well, I'd happily sit and watch that again.
  • ooohh, thats a hard one, i just love disney films full stop. Im a bit like Nicolette, i like the old romantic ones. Cinderellas prob most fav out of those types, but love shrek, toy story, all that lot Havent seen cars yet, but want to.
  • Hi ya

    Ive seen rataouille ad its great,have a hanky at the ready coz if you easily get emotional you'll blubber at this but its a happy ending.

    Rileys into scooby doo at the mo,we have 1 & 2 on dvd and he can sit and watch them both over and over,i think we did sd1 3times an sd2 twice one morning.Im learning the words by heart now(thats not good is it).

    Not so much films but his also into fraggle rock which is played on boomerang nearly every day,i loved it as a kid.

  • Hi Kas,

    I read you hope to see cars, if you have sky they are showing it on the Disney cinemagic channel soon. They haven't advertised the date or time yet. Let me know if this interests you.

    Zoe xx
  • Thanks Zoe, we havent got sky im afraid, we've got virgin.
    Im sure we'll get to see it soon though.
    Thanks again
    Kas xx

    p.s. Hope you are all better now xx
  • My favourite disney film has to be bambi i love it but it is really sad when bambi's mother dies.
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