Sorry to be a bore.........

But does anyone know who left the jungle last night?
I missed it as I was watching waterloo road, and I thought celeb started at 9


  • Yes I do!! Katie, the one who was in the apprentice!!
  • It was between John, Katie and Anna!
    I was surprised it was Katie as John is a pain, but i guess he is entertaining us!
  • Ooh good. I'm not a fan of hers. Did'nt like her in the apprentis.
    I like Anna though. Not sure about John. As irritating as Lynn is, I dont think she deserved to be spoken to like that. He is a bit of a bully.
    My vote is still 'J' and Anna
  • I have to say that Christopher Biggins is really making me laugh, I think he is great in there, he could be in the final.
  • I love Biggins too, he is sooo funny. I think marc might be in trouble when he gets home! either that or it a publisity (not sure of spelling)stunt.
  • Yes Biggins is very funny. He cant say anything without laughing, and makes me laugh too, and Nigel.
  • Mark's girlfriend said she was really hurt, and I did feel really sorry for her.
  • I did too, the poor girl flew out to see him and got to embarresed at his flirting that she flew home again.
    Its very sad but i am starting to warm towards Janice!
  • I prefere Janice to Lynn. She's unbareable.
  • I don't want Lynn to win, but it would be boring without her and all her weird dancing. lol
  • My money is on Rodney leaving tonight.
  • I hope you got good odds Lucyanne as you were right!!! Who's your prediction for tomorrow and i'll go to the bookies and put a few quid on!! Only joking. I seriosly think Biggins may well win this year.
  • Tonight will be between Janice and Gemma
    Janice will go!
  • Are you sure, This Morning did a viewers pole and they voted her as the favourite to win.

    VOTE BIGGINS TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • J to win still for me, Glad John is out he looked like the grinch!lol
  • Hehehe, he does!
  • I like 'J' too. As for Biggins....well did you see the rat on him last night?
    I could not stop laughing.
  • You're right about John looking like the grinch, Simone.
    I knew he looked familiar but could'nt figure out why
  • Could one of you kindly put me out of my misery and let me know who leaves tonight please????
    Many thanks xxxx
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think it might be Gemma, as she doesn't really do alot!
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