That sounds much more exciting!!
Bet she'll love it.


  • That sounds like a reall nice calendar.
    Jessica was given a big christmas stocking the other day and on one side of it are 24 little pouches in the shape of santa's sack, so i can put in what i want.
  • Charl doesn't eat chocolate by choice and Jack doesn't like the chocolate advent calenders so I always buy a nice nativity one anyway. We also have a fabric one which is a santa with numbered pockets and you put a little santa into the pocket of that day. Jacks has always liked that too.
  • I think when cameron's older i'll buy him a wooden advent calendar, i know they're quite expensive but i think it'll work out cheaper than having to buy a new one each year(that and the fact that i've always wanted one!!!!)
  • We're going out today to get Ethans advent calendar and he's very excited!

    Thanks Boo for your suggestion for Ambers future advents. i do feel sad this year as ambers the same age ethan was at his first christmas and i got him a calendar from thorntons with his name on (i helped him eat the chocs though) but obviously I can't do that for her. Next year i'll get one where i can put little gifts inside.
  • I don't really like the chocolate ones, not the recent ones anyway. You open the doors and the picture on the front you presumably bought it for gets lost and you are left looking at the plastic mouldings behind. I got a Bon a Christmas actvity book and in that is a page where you put a sticker on the numbered days to create the picture and I think we'll stick to that. He insisted I bought him a Spider-Man calendar with chocolate inside, for the picture on the front, but I think the chocolates inside are in very small pieces by now.
  • Hi Boo - from Waitrose, 4.99. Claims to have over 800 stickers including some for presents and cards. There are 24 pictures and a set of stickers for each to put where you want to create a picture on the background, like Decorate the Tree and Santa's Workshop. It is so cute. The pub is Usbourne, probably get it in Borders and other shops.
  • That sounds like a really nice idea, hubby works in Witrose, so might pop in and have a look at those.
    Thanks for that
    Kas xx
  • p.s. I must admit though, I really like the idea of the thorntons one too Tasha. mmmm.
  • Hi Boo - sorry for the delay! Yep, that's the one.
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