Hi Lucyanne

It was good to see you today, nice to be able to put a face to your name.
Katelin is gorgeous and she has the most amazing eyes!
Hope you got all your shopping done, we gave up after mothercare!
Won't be on much tonight as my friend is coming over for dinner xx


  • Wow You two met up?! That's fantastic, 2 pp meetings in one week!!!
    Simone please vouch for Lucyanne that she's not a hairy Brian!!!
    I hope you both had a lovely time! Take care and chat soon! xxxxx
  • I can guarantee that Lucyanne is not big and hairy!
    We only met for a few mins outside JJB, but its nice to know who i have been chatting to for months!
  • Hi Simone,

    It was lovely to meet you ( and your mum)
    Jessica is a very pretty little girl,and I'm really looking forward to when we meet up so the girls can have a play together.
    I meant to give you my mobile no: but I forgot so I will pm you before we meet up.
    Enjoy your evening
    Catch up soon
  • hi Simone, how did your evening go?
  • oh wo, you guys met too, how fantastic!!
    glad you are thinking of meeting again.
    take care
    kas xx
  • Hi
    I had a lovely evening with my friend, she is my best friend so we sat and put the world and men to rights!
    I can't wait to meet up proberly now and have a proper chat and let the two girls play together. Definitlt pm before want to make sure we both go to the same place!

    Hope you both have a good day, hope to chat later. x
  • That's great you two are able to meet up. I'm miles away from any of you girls I chat to on here.
  • Hope you have a great time when you meet up!!
  • Thanks Dawn.
    I'm really looking forward to it.
    The katelin and Jessica are only 6 months apart so they should get on great. I think I'm about 10-12 years older than Simone but I'm sure we will get on great too.
  • I don't think you are that much older than me Lucyanne, im nearly 29!
  • Oh , you look younger!
  • Well even my mum thought you looked younger than you are and you have three children!
  • Well thats nice to hear, tell her I said ta
  • Lucyanne,
    hows the photo bucket thing going?
    Are we going to get to see piccies soon?

    Kas xx
  • Come a week tomorrow you will see her, i will make sure i get a picture of her and put it on here!
  • Er...mmmmm.....er.....mmmmm....er not sure.

    I need Zoe's help and we both need a couple of unintrupted hours.
    Will do it before christmas. promise!
  • Hi Simone,

    Try and talk Lucyanne through photobucket in person if you can, I said i'd help her through pm but i'm not the best at explaining things like that. It would be nice for her to share photo's of Christmas etc with us.
  • Ok will leave it at that then.

    Simone , did you get my pm ..re..katelins chickenpox?
  • Yes i did Lucy. did you get my reply!
  • Cant wait to see them.
    i managed to do it with a lot of help from Caroline and Tasha
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