What grates!

My husband coming home from work and asking me what I've been doing all day


  • Boo , is there any possibility that Zoe had any dairy without you knowing at the hotel?
  • I really hope she feels better soon.
    Has she managed to eat anything at all?
  • Fingers crossed then.!!!!
  • Going to Tesco and there being NO parent and baby spaces and then finding someone has parked too close to get the car seat back in! Popping to the co-op and surprise surprise there are 2 people with NO kids parked in the parent and baby spaces and as I was quing for the space someone without kids was going to nip into the space but luckily (for them) decided against it! I was ready to get out and tackle them!!!!!!
  • Our local tesco has about 10 parent and baby spaces and 20+ disabled spaces but still people park in our spaces and display their blue badge. Yet if I did that I would get moaned at!!!!! Oh it bugs me!!!!! I'll get down off my soap box and take a few deep breaths!!!!!!
  • Until Monday when I have to go through it all again!!!! Joy!!!!
  • People who don't pick up dog poo. I've two dogs and two kids and I manage it!

    The bin lorry people who leave the bins any how when they are emptied and you have to move them yourself or walk in the road to get past with a buggy, EERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
  • going into asda and asking for a small bowl with a small portion of food and being told they couldnt do it for me as they had set prices. i told them it was for tara (the obvious baby in my arms)and they said no, id have to just get a normal portion.thankfully another colleague said they do kids portions, so that was fine. i just cant believe they werent prepared to help me get my childs lunch.
    then, going into the cafe with said food (finally) and being told there was no highchairs as theyd all been recalled for health and safety purposes, so had to eat my jacket potato and give tara hers on my knee, either that or traipse back down the stairs to get a trolley to sit her in. THEN, going to get a tissue to clean up some juice Niamh had spilt, and there was none. the lady disappeared to get some, and instead of handing me some (as she walked right past) she went over to fill the dispensers up and i hadto go and wait for her to finish.

    all in all, that grates.
    sorry to moan ladies, was not feeling too good anyway, so that really annoyed me.
    aaaaahhhhh, feel better now
  • Our local Clarks!
    The childrens shoes are upstairs and they have no lift! so you have to leave the buggy downstairs and take your child upstairs and spend the wohle time making sure they don't fall down the stairs Grrrrrrrrrrrr
  • That isn't very well planned is it Simone? Probably designed by a man!!!!
  • Gillan being sent on business in scotland tomorrow which is his birthday
  • When somewhere claims to be 'family friendly' but they don't have any baby changing facilities.
  • Cyclists and increasingly motorists on my closest pedestrian and cycle crossing who think that my being on it with a green man (and a green cycle!) means they can jump the lights and run me over. What goes through the head of a cyclist who will run over ANOTHER CYCLIST on a cycle crossing???!!!!! Just goes to prove they have utter contempt for ALL road users.
  • Mums & dads who take their poorly children to toddler and baby groups and therefore pass on the illness to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My daughter getting chickenpox in nasty places
  • My friend who we went to center parcs with did'nt know her youngest son had CP until the first spot came out and by then he had been contagious for the last 3 days.
    There was however a little boy in the toddler pool with obvious spots which had not scabbed over so he was quite clearly still contagious.
  • What grates!!!!

    People advertising the same freebies over and over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OOOHHH, sorry bout that, needed to let off some steam.
    And breathe!!! aaahhhh thats better.

    p.s. anyone notice the new one?
    im not even going to reply this time
  • When you go shopping and you want your child to sit in the trolley, however all the trolleys are outside in the rain and soaking wet GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  • Queing up in a shop patiently waiting to pay and a little old lady ambles over and casually stands around wating for an opportunity to queue jump! Had that have been a child or youth someone would have said something!!!! Eventually the lady joined the back of the queue!!!!

  • Oh, and the mad "its 2 weeks to christmas" panic buying!!! The shops shut for all of 24 hours, 48 in some cases and yet we are intent on filling our fridges and cupboards with enough food to feed a small African country!!!!!!!!

    AND, today I witnessed 2 people who are old enough to know better arguing over who was having the last item from the shelf in M&S!!!!!!!!!
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