Periods after C section


Its now over 10 weeks since Bronwyn was born, I breastfed / expressed for the first week and have bottle fed since, but I've still not had a period! Everything I read says that periods should have returned to normal by now! I keep getting period type pains but they amount to nothing! Can anyone tell me when I should expect my periods to return????



  • Hi
    I would go and see your doctor, just to put your mind at rest!
    My period took about 9 weeks to start again after having Jessica.
  • Hi Caroline, i was the same, Tara was about 4 months when mine returned (maybe a little less) but i was realy worried that we'd been careless, so i went to the docs and they did a sensitive preg test for me. it really put my mind at rest and then was able to go back on pill.
    I know i wasnt c section, but hopefully this might help a little.
    I put a post on about it in the lounge, take a read if you like! i think its called help, no period since giving birth.
    Hope you are ok
    Kas xx
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