Hi Tasha

Hi Tasha
Just saw you were online and we have chatted for ages.
How are you feeling and Amber feeling, i hope she is better.
Is she just having milk again now!


  • Oooops scared you off!lol
  • hiya Simone

    Really sorry i missed you earlier and i've been out for most of the day! Thanks for my own post though!!

    Unfortunately Ambers still not at all well and has been crying most of today she's off her milk and i'm struggling to get water down her. I rang the dietician this morning who agreed it was most likely a reaction but she thinks Ambers now become intollerant to soya milk i'm hoping to god that she's wrong but at least for now it means we've got their attention and will hopefully have an appointment in the next week. I'm ringing back tomorrow and hope to get the test results.

    sorry to waffle on but Gillans had to stay overnight in Scotland (even though it's his birthday) so i'm home alone with the kids and need to let off steam!

    how's Jessica doing is the walking coming on?!
  • Oh Tasha poor Amber, you must be going mad with worry, at least as you have said they are giving you the attention now.
    Do you think it is the milk or could she have a bug.

    Jessica is fine thankyou, walking alot more now, which is so funny.

    Take Care xx
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