Hi Lucyanne!


How are you and your family doing? I saw you were on line and as we haven't chatted for a while thought i'd say 'Hi'.

My lunch is nearly ready so i'll be off for a bit but will be back soon!!


  • Hi Zoe
    Katelin has chickenpox. I knew she was going to get them, but now they are here I feel so sorry for her. They are still quite small but the 1st 1 to arrive has grown.
    She dose'nt have a temperature yet but they have already blistered. She has about 15 in total and i'm praying she has it mild.
    She is asleep at the moment. Is is baking soda or bicarb of soda that goes in the bath? And can I get it anywhere or chemist?
  • Oh poor thing, it's bicarb of soda and you get it from the homebaking section in all supermarkets. If she won't lie down in the water then use a jug and gently pour water over her. I hope too that it's mild. Is she sleeping at night ok?
  • Funny you should ask! she always wakes up around 8 or sometimes i have to wake her to do the school run just before half 8.
    But today she woke up about 6.30. And there they were.Only 4 of them but by the time we got back from school she had 10.
    When we got back from hospital she had even more. Last count was 15, so will see if there are any more when she wakes up.
    I will get a couple of packs of bicarb after school.
  • It's funny how they spread isn't it. I remember seeing Charl's first one, and checking her thinking, that's new and that one and that one!

    One thing I will say with my two is that the first spot they had has scared them. Not sure why.

    I have sent you a pm.

    Have you put your shopping away?
  • You're absolutely right Boo.
    How is Zoe feeling now? Is she able to keep anything down yet?
  • Hi Boo,

    Yes how is Zoe today, better I hope.

    Lucyanne, how is Katelin, did you get the bicarb?
  • A few more have sprung up and I got 2 tubs of bicarb(did'nt realise how cheap it was).
    She's a bit clingy and has not eaten any lunch. When she goes for her bath at 6, I will put some bicarb in. How much do I use?
    I will also give her some calpol, I think.
  • Good news about Zoe,Boo.
    Poor Ethan. He will soon be able to give as good as he gets.
  • When I used it a put a heaped lid ( the lid off the bicarb ) into the bath than ran a warm shallow bath. I know it works as Jack called them magic baths, it helped with the itching.
  • Thanks Zoe.
    Going to take her up in a mo. Think we are going to be in for an interesting night, as she wont let me out of her sight. Bless her.

    Chat in a bit x
  • Hi Lucyanne, just read about Katelin, i really hope she doesnt get it too bad, and doesnt feel too poorly.
    Hope alls ok
    Chat soon
    Kas xx
  • Thanks Kas.
    She's ok at the moment so I'm hoping it will remain mild.
    I will know in a couple of days.
  • Poor Katelin, hope she's not feeling too poorly.
  • She's not too bad thanks Dawn.
    Although I keep hearing her having a quiet moan on the baby monitor.
    I would'nt be surprised if she stirs soon.
  • Morning Lucyanne

    I've only just read about Kaitlin, how is she doing this morning? I hope you all had a settled night

    Chat soon xxx
  • Hi Lucyanne
    Im also checking to see how Katelin is, i hope you had a good night.

    How are you Tasha, are your two ok, how is Amber today.
  • Hi Simone Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for asking girls. She seems ok in herself but she now knows they are there and has started to scratch at them.
    She has one right near her lip and keeps licking it.
    She wants to take her clothes off but I think if she can see them she will scratch them more.
    They also seem to be springing up now, every hour she seems to have a new one.

    How is Amber feeling Tasha?
    Do you get some results today?

    Simone, I love your christmas countdown Ticker. Its very festive.
  • Hi Lucyanne
    Im glad Katelin appears ok in herself, do you still use camoline lotion for chicken pox!
    I think your right about not taking her clothes off, she will scratch herself to death!

    Glad you like the tiker, i was in a festive mood this morining!
  • I've not put any calamine on her as I remember it made Daniel itch even more as it dried on his skin. She has had a couple of baths in bicarb of soda and that seems to really help.
    She's a bit clingy but she's just had some medised, which has antihistermine in so that should help relieve the itching too.
    Have a lovely evening at the virgin vie party. they have some lovely stuff. bit pricey though.
  • I don't think i will be buying anything, just going for the company!
    Think i was half asleep this morning just realised how i spelt calamine!lol
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