Evening , how are you?


It's been quiet on here in the evenings just lately so I thought I would ask you how you all are.

I'm good and my family isn't too bad either.

Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe
    We are good thanks! Bronwyn had her first jabs this morning so I am keeping a close eye on her! She is sleeping at the minute!

    It has been quiet on here all day!!
  • Hi Zoe
    Glad you are all ok!
    We are fine, won't be on long, have just nipped on my mums computer before we go over my sisters.

    Girls well done for getting your christmas tickers on, i told you it was easy
  • Caroline, I'm glad Bronwyn seems ok, has she needed any calpol?

    Simone, if you get this have a good evening, enjoy it.
  • Hi everyone. We are OK, Bon is refusing to eat anything I put in front of him and I feel sick again ('morning' sickness) and Bon's school application forms have come through - agghhh!!!! I am dreading the whole process, there is only one school in the area that we want him to go to, the rest that we would stand any chance of getting into are hopeless, high proportion of children who don't speak English who would get all the attention and help. Even without knowing their Ofsted results, it is easy to see the good schools, over-subscribed last year and with a catchment area of around 900 metres... Sorry to be so negative, just not feeling too positive at the mo having had one bad experience of trying to find suitable education.

    Hope everyone is feeling happier than I am!
  • Hi Nicolette,

    I'm sorry you are feeling so low at the moment, how is Bon in himself since you stopped him going to nursery? I don't know the area you are in but a friend told me if you have a school in mind just put the one choice down and you should get it.

    Try and keep your chin up, things will seem worse with you being pregnant. Hormones are funny to us.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Boo,

    Hope you are feeling better in health and yourself. Is Zoe fully recovered? Hope so.
  • Hi all, i was thinking the same thing, ive come on in the evenings and it has been very quiet.
    We are well thanks, just looking forward to xmas now. Not long to go!! Yay!!

    HOpe you are all well and that everyone whos been poorly is on the road to recovery
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Bronwyn has had some Calpol but that was at luchtime. She has a bit of a cold anyway, that's before any side effects to the jabs!! She is sleeping at the minute, I am hoping that we have a good night!!
  • Hi Zoe. I've read through the info that comes with the form but only naming the one doesn't give you any advantage. There is only the one school we want him to go to so I think we will only put one down anyway.

    Being pregnant is not helping, hormones are raging and I am up one minute and down the next. I don't remember it being this intense first time round but I was suffering at work then which probably masked it. Bon is in bed now and I intend to sit on the sofa and do nothing for a bit as hubbie is away at the mo. What are you up to? And everyone else?
  • Well, i'm on here and at 9 i'll have one eye on spooks too. James won't be home til 9.30 and I have been at work all day so having some me time.
  • evening all

    sorry i havent been on alot recently me andmart have been having a few problems so trying to sort things out

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