What a lovely thing to do Boo. I haven't taken Ethan to anything like that yet but i'll try to get him to a panto next year.

I'm glad you all had a nice time and it was such a success xx


  • Thats great Boo, which one was it?

    My am dram group are doing theirs in Jan, and i think im going to take Naimh, not sure if she'll sit through it all, but she has been to a couple of the rehearsals this year, and has "joined in" with the dancers.
  • Thats really good Boo.

    I love the Pantomime, because my birthday is so close to christmas my mum used to take me every year for my birthday when i was little!
  • That is really brave of you Boo, and I am really glad that it paid off and you all had a lovely time. We've been thinking about taking Bon to one somewhere but I am so scared of him causing a fuss - I took him to see Shrek the Third over the summer as he loves watching Shrek at home but I had to take him out after an hour as he wouldn't keep still or quiet. A theatre would be so much more difficult than a small cinema!
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