Finished my Christmas shopping

Yey, i've been away Christmas shopping today with my sister and i'm finally finished!!!!
Now i just have to start the mammoth task of wrapping it all!!


  • Wow, Dawn, thats impressive.
    I havent finished, but have been doing it bit by bit this year, so havent got too much left to do. Plus, we are in Ireland for Xmas this year, so cant wrap any pressies till we get there, just in case we get stopped by security going over. It would be sods law, theyd want us to unwrap them all so they could check them.

    Anyway, well done you!!
  • Well done Dawn. I'm impressed.
    I'm nearly done. Which is good for me.
    Just bought Katelin her own christmas tree. I liked the sound of Carolines so I went and bought a little one with pink fluffy and shiny decs.
  • that sounds nice Lucyanne, where did you get it from?

    We got a few new decs this year, and ive ought a couple of hanging ones for Niamhs bedroom.

    Im loving xmas this year!!!!
    Uaually do, but its great seeing the real magic of it coming through in the kids
  • Thanks Kas, i must admit i'm feeling pretty pleased
    with myself!!
  • Its from Argos. £7.50. lights and decs come with it. its lovely.
  • sounds fab
  • I bet Katelin loves having her own tree!!
  • She even helped put the little decs on.
    Its our cat felix's first christmas and so far he's been a nightmare with it. our main one is going up tomorrow so we are in for fun and games for the next 4 weeks.

    Our neighbours have put all their outside decs up and I dont want to sound barr humbug but they have gone way OTT.
  • Well done, i have not done alot yet. Will do it when they sort my wages out, they have under paid me by about £300!

    Lucyanne, that is so sweet that Katelin has her own tree, i bet she loves it.
  • She does indeed.
    Thats shocking about your wages Simone. Especially this time of year. will you get it back before christmas?
  • Yes, i am going to phone work and have a really big go at them, as this is the second month in a row they have messed up!
  • Hi simone,O-M-G i cant believe they could make such a mistake.Hope you do get it tho.

    My christmas shopping is almost done,just adi to but for,the rest of the pressies are all wrapped and ready to go.

  • You are all so organised!!! I have no where near done my Christmas shopping, hubby is a nightmare to buy for, and I have yet to buy any cards. I have no idea when the decorations are going up, or where - we've just decorated the lounge so I am loathe to make any marks and the pictures have yet to go back up so I don't even have anywhere to drape tinsel.
  • Don't worry Nicolette, i'm sure it will all fall into place(somehow!!). If it doesn't, you have a very good excuse, you are pregnant after all!!

    Hope you're keeping well.
    When are you due?
  • Hi Dawn. The pregnancy excuse is beginning to work now I am looking huge! I'm OK, hormones are a nightmare, more so than last time, although nastiness at work might have masked it last time. I'm due on March 8th, so I am 26 weeks, but I am hoping for Feb 29th as it is a cool date and was my grandfather's birthday.

    Have you had many people to buy pressies for or are you just one of life's organisers? The wrapping is the bit I enjoy the most. I always feel guilty whilst buying in case I've spent too much or too little, or chosen the right thing. Wrapping would normally take place whilst alone with either a good film or carols playing in the background with a glass of something yummy and alcoholic, or a very strong coffee. This year it will be a bottle of Evian whilst trying to stop Bon from sitting in the middle of the paper or trying to kill the cat with the scissors!
  • Hi Nicolette

    Glad you're feeling ok!!

    I've got 3 sisters and 2 brothers all with children so i've lots of family to buy for!!!!!
    I normally leave it all until the very last minute, but this year because i'm still on maternity leave i've had more time and i've enjoyed it so much more!!!

    I'm going to start my wrapping this weekend once Cameron's in bed!!

    Take care xx
  • Hi Boo. Do the children's pressies last, they are only going to rip them to shreds so it won't matter too much!
  • Hi Dawn

    your like me with the big familt but its 3sisters and 2brothers for me with 7nephews.

    We are all done with christmas shopping and all wrapped to,did it last night and was till gone 12.was fun tho having a drink with songs while wrapping.
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