Avon and Betterware

I girls
Just wanted to know if anyone has ever sold any of these.
I want another income without leaving Jessica, so i thought i would do Avon and Betterware and that way Jessica can come with me.
If anyone has done it, is it worth it.

Thanks in advance
Simone xx


  • I have'nt. I'm a lazy so and so, but there was a post about the other one like that, kleeneze .I think its in the lounge and whoever it was who posted it said how great it was being able to take her baby with her.
    Its a good idea.
  • Yay. The tickers have returned
  • Hi Simone,

    Not personally, but a buy from Avon. I don't know how good the income is, have you tried there website?

    Hope you and Jessica are ok.

    Zoe xx
  • Have looked at the website and i think you get £1 for every £4. I have nothing to lose so might as well give it a go!

    We are all fine, Jessica is know officialy a toddler!

    I hope you are all ok xx
  • Hi Simone
    I love betterware,have got some christmasy bits in my last order.Cant wait for the new catalogue.
    Now jessica is officialy a toddler are you toddler proofing.

  • Avon Calling!
    I am now officially an Avon lady!lol

    Emma- I have not had to change anything in our house as Jessica is really good, she won't touch anything she knows she isn't allowed too. xx
  • That's great Simone, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and build up a good regular income. Jessica may even encourage sales you never know!! My Avon lady also does parties to suit her, she made nearly £200 for 2 hours at mine one evening, not bad eh?
  • Thats really good, might do a party too.
    I have given some books to my friends anf family and some down my road, will see what happens!
  • Go Simone!
    I wish I had an Avon lady, I placed an order last christmas and still haven't got it yet! For some reason they don't last long round here! Coming to think of it I also placed a betterware order and have never seen the woman since!
  • That must be so annoying, why do people do that!
    I will make sure my orders (if i get any) get delivered on time!
  • Our betterware lady has been doing it for quite some time.She's always on time and very nice.
    Avon is the worst tho,you get the catalogue but no one comes back totake an order.
  • Well done Simone, thats brilliant!!

    I hope you and Jessica enjoy it, let us know how it goes xxx
  • My avon 'lady' is 14!! She's very good and reliable though!
  • That's great Simone, I really hope it works out for you. Good luck with it, pity you won't be able to get it going for a bit of money for Christmas, but you'll be in time for the sales!
  • I should be in time for christmas, i have already handed out a few books and the order has to be in by the 12th and they will deliver on the 17th.
  • THat's good timing,hope it goes well for you.
  • Wow, quick working Simone,
    well done. Let us know hpw you get on. I really hope it works out for yuo.
    Hope you are well
    Kas xx
  • Good idea Boo, never thought of that xx
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