Things i love about winter...


Crisp frosty mornings(Brrrrr!!)

Wrapping Cameron up cosy and going for a long walk, then coming in from the cold and making hot choc with marshmallows and squirty cream!!!!


  • That cosy feeling when you come home from a walk in the cold and smell a casserole cooking
  • Being able to cosy up on the sofa under my fleece blanket!
    Wearing knee high boots without looking like a hooker!!

    My birthday and Christmas!!!!

    Walks in the cold but being wrapped up.

    staying in in the evenings snuggled on the sofa, listening to the wind outside.

    Xmas films on telly.
  • CHRISTMAS defo and someone else making the cuppa.

  • Christmas of course. My wedding anniversary. Playing in the snow with Bon and not worrying about getting really cold. Wearing gorgeous winter coats and fluffy gloves. Being able to hide my legs and still wear skirts courtesy of thick tights and knee high boots. Knowing it is likely to be cold so what to wear in the morning is not such a gamble.

    One negative - being pregnant in the winter - I can't find a pair of trousers that give but don't fall down!
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