I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

My guests have gone. My first Christmas is over! Bronwyn has no idea what is going on but the rest of us have enjoyed it!

As saturday was our Christmas day then this saturday will be new years day. Just to irritate the neighbours I am considering having fireworks on friday "new years eve!" Especially after my next door but 3 neighbour was hammering in the garden until nearly midnight one day last week!!! Grrrrrrrrr


  • Hi Caroline, i know we're chatting on msn but it would be rude not to say hi here too.
    So... Hi, hope you are well
    Glad you had a great xmas.
    We are having two Christmasses too. The "real" one, then one on new years eve with Ants family, as we wont see each other over xmas.
    How cool is it having two Christmasses!!

  • Hi Kas!
    This is strange having 2 coversations!!
    Its fab having 2 Christmases! Bronwyn opened her main pressie from my parents, all of her pressies from Gareth's mum and her main pressie from us. She will have loads more to open at Christmas.

    It was nice having our parents here to share thing with so that Gareth and his mum get a day with Bronwyn. I am still looking forward to the 25th Dec though!
  • Glad you had a good weekend.

    Catch up soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Glad you all had a good christmas, Caroline.
    I WANT TWO, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think everyone should have 2 Christmases!!!!!!
  • Hi Caroline
    Glad you had a nice time.

  • Hi Caroline

    Glad you all enjoyed your first christmas!!!!
  • Hi Caroline
    Really glad you had a nice time.

    Are there more pictures to come!
  • Thanks
    I didn't actually take many pics as my batteries died on me! Plus I was busy making sure everyone was happy! I will try and get some off Gareth!!!
  • hope to see some piccies soon Caroline.
    I agree, everyone should have 2 Christmasses. We have one almost every year, as my family live in Ireland, we try to see them every year around Nov - Jan so we tend to have an xmas with them. And if its a year we are in Ireland, of course my inlaws want a Christmas with us too.

    Now you can enjoy the run up to 25th Dec.
  • I'm glad you had such a nice time Caroline, can't wait to see some piccies!!
    I hope Gareth enjoyed his day with you and Bronwyn too xxx
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