Hi Caroline!

How are you? Is it raining where you are? It's not stopped all morning here. Luckily the kids go straight into school when it rains so we weren't hanging around getting wet.

In the middle of baking cakes for a Christmas party this afternoon. Can't wait!

Take care, Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe!

    I know we are chatting on msn but thought it would be rude not to reply on here too!!!

    I am going to my school's Christmas Fayre later, so no doubt I will end up buying some mums home made cakes!!! he cake stall they have is usually amazing! My kids are running games to raise money for their prom!!! So fingers crossed!!
  • What is this msn and how do i join!
  • It's via hotmail and it's a live chat, similar to texting but you can have a group session too!!
  • Oooh that sounds good, if i do that i will never get of the computer!
  • Oh Simone PLEASE PLEASE get msn it would be great fun! caroline kas zoe and i all chat! It's great when it's a group chat because it doesn't matter if we have to nip off and do something the others can carry on!

    Go On!!!!!!!!!!
  • A bit like me!! You have to restrict yourself!! It's a great way for us all to catch up and it's instint. Sort yourself out with a hotmail address and pm it to us then we can add you to our address books. When we are online we can then have a chat.

    Cool or what!!
  • I will set it up tomorrow, will have to get Lucyanne to do it as well!
    Hope you are all ok xx
  • This could get very confusing!!!! But will be great fun!!!
  • Hehe!!!

    just to warn you Simone, Gillan enjoys trying to wind my friends up on msn pretending to be me! Kas and CCaroline sus him every time!!! xxx
  • Can you not get on msn too Boo?!! xx
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