Hi girls,

For any of you who don't regularly check the win section there is a fab Teletubby prize on offer. Worth entering if your little one likes them.

Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe

    Yeah seen it went there before coming here,i try and check it every week,have already won a book from here not that long ago.
  • Hi Zoe
    Thanks for that i hadn't realised they'd added some new competitions i only checked the other day!

    Emma, thats great you won a prize, good to know it can be done!!! xxxx
  • I think they are adding new ones all the time with the run up to Christmas, worth checking more regularly at the minute
  • Like i say i try ad check every week as i no they change on that basis but ive noticed many different thing on in the past few weeks,you could be right zoe.
  • Hiya
    Just entered the competitions and the homepage says their going to do a new comp each day for the 12 days of christmas!
    Make sure you enter them all!! xx
  • Hi Boo

    Just wondered if you'd received your prizes from WUOTM yet?!!
    I read past posts when i first joined and they said they take ages to arrived so i know to add a month on for mine when yours arrives!!

    I hope you're feeling better today? xx
  • Ive entered all the new ones.Will be here every morning to do them and say hi as well.

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