Having a bad day

Hi all
Not a nice one sorry to be so glum.
My f.i.l told us last night that his old drinking buddy died on monday,and my bestest friend told me this morning her nana passed away early this morning.It's about the same time my grandad was rushed into hospital almost 5yr ago but he sadly died in january.
I hate saying it but thing all happen in three's,after i heard the news this morning i saw a single magpie(i saluted it)

Sorry to put a downer on things but im picking myself up knowing that its rileys birthday on saturday and that we will have a great time whatever we do and WILL have a great christmas.


  • Hi Emma,

    It's hard to deal with bad news but unfortunatley there is alot of it at this time of the year. We are approaching the first anniversary of James Grandad passing away and the house only sold two weeks ago, so it's difficult at the moment. Like you say you've Rileys Birthday to look forward to. What are you doing?

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hiya Emma

    I'm sorry you've received two lots of sad news and you're having a bad day, you know we're here for you to have a moan to (i did the other day)!

    Well done for thinking positive and looking forward to christmas and Rileys birthday. Is he excited?!
  • Realy not sure,we're have different family members coming over starting tommrow and rite over the weekend so dont think we will have the time for a little party.

    Have got his birthday cake tho,im one to try and make one but his realy into scooby doo at the mo so have got him a scooby cake,his gonna love it.
    There wouldnt be many kids to invite as most of my nephews are all at school and the only kids his age im not to familar with the parents yet.Will defo do something next year as he would be in a school and i no most of the mums there.
  • Hi Emma. So sorry you are having a bad day. These things always feel worse this time of year and seem that bit more unfair. Thankfully you have Riley and his birthday to distract you and remind you of the good things that happen this time of year as well.
  • Hi Emma
    Really sorry to hear your bad news, but i do hope you still have a good christmas and im sure Riley is looking forward to his birthday.

    We are all here if you want to chat xx
  • Thanks girls.

    Just had some good new,my auntie who i havent seen for several years is coming over tomorrow to see us.The time before that we hadent see each over for 12yrs but wrote so it will be a lovely day,looking forward to it.
  • I'm glad you've got a lovely day tomorrow to look forward to! Take care xxx
  • Will do.
    Going to get me some luch,kids are sorted.
    Try and pop on later.

  • Hi Emma,
    sorry to hear you had a bad day, but hopefully seeing your family will brighten things up tomorow for you.
    Hope you have a nice time
    Kas xx
  • Had a fab day today,rileys was excited at all the pressie's so its gonna be great at christmas t see his face light up like that again.
    We are putting our dec's up tomorrow evening when kids are in bed.

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