Who's here tonight

Hi all.
Anyone here.

Tasha i think your still about.
What did you do today.
How's the weather your way.


  • Hi emma!

    There's not a lot going on on here tonight! I was surprised not to find new posts when i got in from my xmas meal!

    How are things with you? Has Riley had a good day? I bet you are exhausted!!
  • Hiya Emma

    I'm here i'm also chatting to Simone and Caroline on msn!!!

    It's a bit miserable and raining this end.
    Glad you had such a good day i bet you can't believe you're little boy's 3?!!

    Do you have much planned for tomorrow? xx
  • Yep i cant believe that 3years ago he was only about half hour old now.My how the time fly's.

    Not up to much tomorrow,my mums here and my dad and brother are coming over,then we are putting up out christmas decks,yeah! cant wait(kids will be in bed tho)

  • i'm desperate to put the decorations up but we promised ourselves we'd blitz the house first!!!
    downstairs is done but upstairs is a tip!

    We're going to stratford today with my parents to see my Nana, she wants tp pay for the kids (including Amber) to see Santa bless her ethans so excited!! He loves going to stratford anyway because my nana lives very close to the river and of course he loves the boats! so we should have a good day! I hope you do too

    hope to catch up soon take care xxxx
  • Morning Tasha

    Hope you have a good day seeing Santa! Think of me sat at my desk making cards, only another 15 to go!!!!!
  • You are very industrious Caroline, I don't think I would have the patience! I haven't even bought my cards yet let alone written and posted them, and I have some to send abroad as well. Oh well.
  • Hi Nicolette
    Once I have finished my cards this afternoon I have 4 scrapbooks to make!!!!! They are xmas presents so they have to be done!!
  • Hi Boo

    I started making my own cards a few years ago and know that people would be disapointed if i sent bought ones. And more to the point I would have been disappointed with myself!
  • I love making them and its the though of them opening the cards and the smile in their face when they see my latest design!
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