Move over Nigella, Domestic goddess coming through!

Watch out world, here I come!

What a productive day I am having!!

I just can't believe how "housewifey" I've become and how much I am enjoying it!!!
Todays baking resulted in orange frosted carrot cake! Ok so I managed to grate my thumb and leave the cake in slightly too long, but if I do say so myself they are flipping delicious!
I have also managed to make 40 christmas cards (not all made today, even I'm not that good!!!!), write them, address them and organise them for delivery and posting!

I'll have my own TV series soon....


  • All this AND a two month old to care for, I think you deserve a TV series!
  • Well done Caroline, i would be very proud of myself if i where you, that is alot to achieve with a little baby xx
  • Well done Caroline!! You're right to be proud of yourself!!
    I've done nothing housewifey today but took the kids to see Santa with my nana leaving Gillan to do the housework!!
  • I am on a bit of a mission!!!

    I actually forgot to mention the pasta bake (made from scratch), 3 loads of washing and of course looking after my little angel!

    Talk about blowing my own trumpet.....sorry ladies!!!!
  • You are making me feel seriously guilty! I have made a lamb shank casserole and I made it to the sports centre to go swimming this morning so I suppose I've done something. The pile of ironing is making me very depressed though.
  • I have managed to bake a cake, clean the house and put the decs up!
  • Well Done Simone!

    Not managed any housework! That's too boring for me today!!!!!!!!
  • Not quite that sad just yet!!!

    Although I do have a lock and lock food storage box for every occasion!!!!
  • Wow, i'm impressed!!!
  • omg Caroline, you are making me feel really guilty.
    Ive done NO housework this weekend, apart from what has to be done, and of course, because im at Tashas tomorrow, none willbe done then either.
    At least i'll have a few hours tuesday when Niamhs at playschool,so i can get caught up then.

    But actually, i have had a very busy weekend in other ways.
    Friday night i did a concert
    Saturday we went to see santa in the morning, then put decs up after lunch, then did another conceert in the afternoon. (actually, i did two loads of washing, and the hoovering too),
    Today, got the rest (almost) of the xmas pressies. Wrote my xmas cards.

    So quite a productive (xmassy) weekend all in all. Sod the housework, it can wait another day.

    Hope you all had a good one
    Kas xx
  • Sorry i'm a bad influence and a distraction Kas!!!!!
  • hehe, not at all
    I know exactly what id rather be doing. Any excse not to spend a day inside with the housework.

    Plus i get to spend some quality time with the kids.

    Cant wait!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    So what have you made today? It's a pity we can't do video footage like we show photo's or you could create your own t.v. show for us on here! It'll be nice when Bronwyn is old enough to help. Both my two love cooking and Jack actually misses it now he's at school.

    Happy baking!

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Zoe!
    Getting shakes, withdrawal symptoms from not baking! Gareth is going back to his ship tomorrow so my next baking session will probably be after the weekend now! I need to buy cake tins and stuff first!!!!

    I can't wait to be able to bake with Bronwyn!
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