What is everyone doing for christmas

Tasha and i where talking earlier and thought this would be a good post!

I am going to my mil christmas day and have to work 2.30 till 6.30 and then boxing day my mum and nan are coming to me.

Hope you all have something nice planned xx


  • Hey Simone!

    We always do the same thing each year and i love it!
    We'll go to my mums for breakfast at about 8am then onto Gillans parents at 11ish. We tend to stay over then head home boxing morning ready to go for lunch with my mums side of the family. It's very relaxing at my inlaws and the day really revolves around the kids plus they have Port from 10am!!!!!!

    This year me and the kids, my parents, my twin and her kids are all meeting up on the 23rd as well and we're going for breakfast with Santa! We'll then go back to my mums for tea and do presents so that'll be lovely too!
  • Thats sounds like you are goin g to have a really nice time, i can't wait untill Jessica understands what christmas is, i will become a kid again xx
  • Me and my husband are having our first xmas together with the kids. The past6 xmases we have either gone around to his parents house or my parents or even had his parents at our house. So we thought it was about time to have one by ourselves and visit family before or after.
    I'm really looking forward to it too and getting very excited!!!!!
  • I am just having a heart attack at the thought of Christmas!

    Bronwyn and I are going to stay with my parents for a week! I am making a list of everything I need to pack. I have a Zafira, so with the back 2 seats down lots of space, but I have a feeling I will be overloaded! I have so much to remember!

    On the 21st I am going out with my best mate and mates from schoolfor a meal, 22nd is my treat day - having my hair cut and coloured (if I can afford it), 24th is my Birthday (32 this year!), Christmas Day will no doubt mean seeing lots of relatives, even more than usual as they will all want their 5 mins with Bronwyn! I am hoping that Gareth will get to call me at some point, but obviously that will depend on his location and schedule!

    Sorry for the essay but this is the shortened version!

    Oh, and I have to get enough cat food and stuff in for my cat sitter as at 15 she can't just drive to the nearest Tesco!!!!!!!!!

    So many things to do and so little time!!!!
  • Hi all. We are staying at home this year, we alternate going abroad and staying home and this is a home year. Good thing too as I won't be able to travel anyway! It will be just us, no parents, and a friend of hubby's who is something of a stray and has no where else to go for various reasons. Boxing Day I am likely to go to my parents while hubby goes to the football with said friend. I'm looking forward to it but not looking forward to missing out on the alcohol!
  • Hi everyone

    Christmas day we always go to one of my sisters for lunch, taking dad with us!! I'm planning on having a very relaxing day(hopefully), no lunch to cook and 2 nieces who can't wait to spend the day with Cameron!!
    Then we usually spend a quiet boxing day at home and dad comes up for his lunch(again!!!) I'm sure it won't be so quiet this year though, i can imagine we'll have lots of visitors!!!

  • We will have our pressies from santa at home followed by our christmas breakie then wander over to our best friends, which is just around the corner, for christmas dinner and exchange pressies.
    On Boxing day we are going to my mums in London and more pressies for the children and will spend the 27th at home just chilling out, then on 28th we will be travelling up to North wales to stay with Nigels mum till New years day.(More pressies for the children)
    This will be the first christmas that I wont be seeing my sister as her and her husband are going away to The Peak District for christmas.
  • I sounds like we are going to be buy little bees over Christmas! I hope we all manage to catchup with eachother. PP will be dead without us!!!!
  • Hi Girls,

    We will be at home Christmas Day with James' family coming round at tea time til the early hours!! Then on Boxing Day we will go to my mums for dinner. We find it more relaxing that way, not having to take the children away from their new things.

    PP will be like a ghost cyber town!!
  • Hi ladies
    we are in Ireland with my family for xmas this year so im like a big kid at the mo, getting way too over excited.

    When we get back, we are going round to Ants sisters house, as will his parents, and we'll have Christmas day all over agian. Thats on 31st.
    We have all the girls santa pressies to bring with us (think we may have to leave some to open back here).
    Its going to ba a week full of present opening for them.

    Oh no, just thought, my bro is having probs with his internet at the mo. Im really hoping he'll have it sorted by xmas, otherwise, i wont be on for a whole week. aaarrgghh!!!!!!

    Sounds like everyone is going to have a great time at xmas
    Kas xx
  • A whole week????
    Kas you will have to go find an internet cafe!
  • Luckily, my uncle owns an internet cafe, so i might be quite a regular there if i get a chance to get there.
  • I expect I shall be around on Xmas day as I fully expect the boys to all go to sleep after dinner and leave the laptop for me. I also expect them to leave me to do most of the cooking and all the clearing up being the only female in the house. Same *blank* different day...
  • I can't believe it's only 2 weeks tomorrow!!!!
    I'm so excited, even though my sisters partner is a real misery guts and tries to spoil christmas by whingeing and complaining all day. We've decided this year to name him Mr Christmas and ignore him when he starts moaning!!!!!

    Nicolette - I really hope you get a chance to relax and put your feet up, it's not fair when you're left to do everything yourself!!
  • Dawn, if you have a local co-op get down there. They are seling black santa hats with bah humbug on them!!!!
  • Hehehe!!!! That sounds perfect for him, i'll have to tell my sister!!
  • We are having xmas at home,the social have finaly agreed that my brother can have chantelle over xmas so we get our own little family xmas.Cant wait.

  • Hi Emma, thats great news, im sure you'd have loved having your niece, but it will be lovely having your own little xmas together.
    At least you can plan a bit more now you know whats happening.
    Hope you have a lovely time together
    Kas xx
  • Hope so.i did me food shopping today,got me turkey and pork and all the nibbles,we got drink last wed evening.So all set to go.
  • Wow Emma, your organised. We have started to get things in but are no way near finished.

    Hope you have a good Christmas and Chantelle enjoys the time with her dad.

    Zoe xx
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