Super Smiler Competiton

I'm not being funny but why should we vote for someone who isn't a regular and who we don't know!

Personally I think you are being a little cheeky!


  • Sorry cant really. We have a regular on here who's son is possibly going to be in the same competition and our loyalty is with her.
  • Sorry, ive already voted for one of our friends on here.

    Plus, we had another lady join the forum for the same reason, just to ask us to vote, and we've never heard from her again. We dont mind if people actually want to join us for chats, so please do.
  • I've already voted for Ethan!!!!

    I agree with the others. The point of these forums is to come and chat or ask for advice, not just votes in competitions. This is your second post asking for votes, i'd be quite happy to vote if you take the time to join in with some of the chats. I'm sorry if i've offended you, i just think it's quite cheeky!!
  • Well said girls.
  • Iv already fallen for this one and im not doing it again, sorry.
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