Hi - I'm sure it was worth it, it may not have been pleasant but it seems to have helped her already. Glad she is getting over it already, she'll probably recover faster than you! As you say, it is over and done, and now you can look forward to Christmas with no worries.

N. xx


  • I'm glad it is all over for you all. It doesn't sound like a nice experience to go through but the future benefits must be worth it or the procedure wouldn't be done.

    I hope she soon heals and enjoys her new freedom.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • im very pleased it went well in the end. it must have been horrible to go through at the time, but once you see how much the ops going to help, hopefully you'll soon be able to put the experience behind you.
    take care
    kas xx
  • My little girl is also tongue tied. The midwives said that she will grow out of it (fingers crossed). They told me that they don't cut the skin anymore!!!

    I am glad that the op went well and your little girl is fine!
  • Hi
    Really glad it is over and done with. As Nicolette said it will prob take you longer to recover than Poppy.
    Hope she is ok today xx
  • Glad it went ok,you can look forward to christmas with no worries.Like the others said your the one who will take the time to recover.
  • Hello, i'm sorry it was such a horrible experience but i'm sure you're rtelieved it's behind you now and i'm sure Poppy's forgetting it already!
    I hope she's doing well. Take care and chat soon xxx
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