Where is everyone???????

It's really quiet on here tonight, where are you all?


  • Hiya Dawn, i'm here!!
    How are you and how's Cameron?
  • Hiya Tasha

    I was beginning to think i'd been abandoned!!!!

    I'm fine thanks, Cameron's been a bit clingy today not sure why, maybe just having an off day!!!

    How are you and the children?
  • sorry dawn, was setting up msn. theres no stopping me now.
    I need to add you to my list of contacts if you dont mind
  • Hi Dawn
    Im here, have been talking to Lucy on the phone!

    Hope you are all ok xx
  • Well.. a few of us are chatting on msn too!!

    We're good thanks gillans off work all week and it's lovely having him at home. Poor Ambers cutting her top two teeth so suffering a bit but is generally good, very settled on her new milk.
    And Ethans just being a pain too over excited about christmas already!!

    to be honest i can't wait either!!! x
  • Are you on msn Dawn??!! xx
  • I knew you were all on msn, and there's poor me all alone on PP!!!
    Everybody say aaaahhhhhh!!!! lol
  • Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
    Sorry Dawn didn't mean to leave you out! xxx
  • Nope, i haven't a clue how to get started!!!
  • ermm i'm not the best one to give advice but i think firstly you need a hotmail address!
  • That's ok, you are forgiven!!!!!!!
  • Im flicking between the two!
  • Oh god, it's far to much for my little brain to cope with.
    I'm a complete computer dunce!!!! lol
  • That's Good!!

    What you been up to this week?

    We're going to the sure start christmas party tomorrow and i'm looking forward to it! Then we're going to toys r us to get ambers present!!
  • I just had to talk Lucy through it all!lol
  • What are you getting for Amber?
  • We can't decide we've looked at the fisher price laugh and learn piano or sing a long stage but at £40 they're a ittle pricey as we've boufht her some bits already it's just we wanted to spoil her with all she has going on!

    We're hoping we'll see something in there, i'm sure it won't be hard!!

    What'scameron getting?!
  • I'm sure you'll find something for her, there's so much to choose from!!

    Cameron's getting the wobble toddle ride from elc as his main present. I've actually gone a bit daft and completely spoiled him(whoops!), our house is going to look like toys r us on xmas morning by the time we open all his other presents!!!

    We've got our toddler party next week, not sure what he'll think about santa.
  • Ethan screamed the place down when he saw santa at about camerons age but amber saw him last week and couldn't of cared less!!

    i don't blame you for spoiling him it's your first christmas as a mummy! very easy to go mad! xx
  • Hope you have fun at your party tomorrow and find something nice for Amber.

    I'm off to bed now.
    Chat later
    Night xx
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