Chat this evening?

Hi Girls,

As I am home alone tonight and I know I'm not alone I thought we could have a Saturday night chat like we have had previously on here. Maybe some of the newbies would join in too, that would be nice.

Anyway, if you are up for it, chat later.

Zoe xx


  • I will be here. Armed with bottle of wine and chocci
  • I might be on, i'm planning on finishing wrapping tonight.
    I've made an executive decision that we're having chinese for tea tonight and i'm up for wine and chocs too, although i'm so knackered i'll probably have passed out by half 8!!!!
  • Well that's two of you to chat to then. James has done his usual and got me some wine in as i'm alone, bless him. He knows what i'm like and he knew i wouldn't be hung over today. So I have wine and galaxy mmmmmmmm to indulge in tonight. Must wrap presents first though as who knows what the wrapping will be like if i've been on the vino first!!
  • Hehe

    That's really sweet of your hubby to get you some treats in for tonight!!!

    It's the x factor final tonight too so i'm going to try and watch that while i wrap.
  • Who do you want to win? I've not been watching it since the auditions but i do know who's who. I'm a dancing fan so i've been tuned in to the beeb, and Jack likes Robin Hood and the lottery draw!! I'm not sure he'll be up tonight to watch that, I may be able to persuade him to watch things in bed. I can't do present wrapping in front of my two!!

    He treats me as he feels guilty. He goes out more than me but that's mainly stock car racing, we do all go occaisionly but they can be long, late nights and they don't agree with young children.
  • I think Rhydian (think that's how you spell it) should win as he has the best voice by far, but as Leon's scottish i'd love to see him win!!!!
  • Hi ladies, im hoping i can get an hour or so on here tonight, so maybe i'll be able to join in the chat.
    Fingers crossed
    Kas xx
  • Hello girls!
    I should be around tonight and it would be lovely to have a chat. As Zoe said, it would be great if some newbies wanted to join us too! x
  • Ok then, to any newbies reading this, please don't be shy if you are about tonight and on the computer join in with the chat, it would be nice to get to know a few of you.
  • Ok, my husband has left the building!!!

    He went about half an hour ago, then Jack wanted to go to bed. I am if i'm honest a little worried about him now, i am keeping a very close eye on him tonight.

    Charl is tired and fighting it although she has had a nap today, but i think she's trying to compete with Jack as everytime he coughs she does!

    I'm not glued on her but i am about so if there's anyone there, "Evening to you".

    Zoe xx
  • Evening Zoe

    I'm really sorry Jacks so poorly i know how worrying it is, do you have an emergeny or out of ours doctors near you that you could go to if need be?

    Well i've got some chocolate and wine in so hope to chat tonight if Gillan doesn't get the hump about me being on the comp!!
  • Hiya Tasha,

    I was hoping to join you in a glass of wine but will hold back for a bit just incase I need to drive. We are literally five minutes drive from the Childrens hospital and they have an a&e section, we have had to use it before. If I need to I will take him there. Fingers crossed I don't have to. I keep checking on him but he has asked me to leave him so he can sleep, so i'm just monitoring him for now.

    I hope Gillan doesn't get the hump, is he any better tonight?
  • What a difference 10 mls of calpol and an hour and a bit can make.

    I have to say i was having a bit of a panic this side of the computer as Jack has been very sleepy today and at about 10 to six asked me to switch the light off cos his eyes hurt. I whisked him into the kitchen took his bed clothes off and checked for a rash which there wasn't, checked his temperature which is high but not dangerous (38.2) and then asked him if anywhere hurt. He just said he wanted to go to bed so I took him upstairs. He was up there for just over an hour. I placed a cold flannel on his head, gave him some calpol put the fan on in his room then consulted my medical book. I checked on him twice, the second time he asked me to leave him so he could sleep, but he has now come downstairs looking a lot perkier asked for a drink and is now watching Lilo and Stitch the movie on Disney. That is probably the first time i have gone into panic with illness, when he mentioned the lights and his eyes I instantly thought meningitis. I am not letting my guard down but boy i wouldn't like to have my blood pressure checked at the minute.

    I know i have gone on but with James out i have no one to talk too so you guys have to get it. Sorry.
  • Oh Zoe don't worry about talking through your worries, that's what we're here for, and boy, have i made use of you girls!!!

    I'm glad he's feeling a bit better, i think calpol and nurofen are the best inventions ever!!!

    My two have had seriously early nights for them and have both been asleep for a while, it's lovely! For some strange reson i'm shattered but i'm hoping dinner and chocolate will keep me going for a good chat!
  • Hi zoe
    I hope he is ok. good idea to hold back on the wine.
  • Hi ladies, have got the comp till 8ish, then im off im afraid.

    Zoe, ive just finished talking to one of my mates on the phone, and her son had exactly what youve just described this week, the light hurting the eyes etc. She also did the same as you and checked for rashes etc, so it sounds like there may be something nasty going round.

    I really hope he feels better soon.

    Tasha, how are the men in your house tonight?

    I wish i was joining you with the choccie, but we've got none!!

    kas xx
  • Hi Zoe,

    How is Jack now? No more symptoms of anything?

    Hope he is ok

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Boo, i've been meaning to ask your advice, i think Amber may be developing slight exzema (not sure of spelling) on her tummy, can you recommend anything i could put on her or use in the bath? thanks.

    What did you do for your fil's birthday? x
  • Hi kas, my boys are ok thanks!! Ethans much better though exhausted from it all and Gillans slowly recovering.

    I've only got cheap choc, so nothing special try not to raid the advent calendars!!
  • Hi Tasha,
    i know im not Boo, but have you tried aqueous cream at all?
    Kas xx
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