Work Xmas Party

Yippee, work Xmas do, can't wait, chance for a right laugh, let your hair down and get very merry, mine is on Monday, the best thing about them is that most of it is paid for so here's to a great nite without the great price tag....

Hope you all enjoy yours

Love jd_mummy xx


  • Have a great evening! I miss work do's! I think husbands should pay for mums to have a night out at christmas after all this is a full time job, it should be a right!!!

    Again hope you have a really good night. xx

    Ps, how's Jd doing now? Is he fully recovered yet?
  • Hi Tasha,

    What a great idea, dad's paying for mums to have xmas nite out, I think you've started something there!!

    Jd is doing great thank you, his op site still bothers him occasionally but overall he is back to my cheeky little man.

    Really looking forward to a bit of freedom and relaxing on Monday...

    Love jd_mummy xx

    Ps Hope Ethan and Amber are good and getting excited about xmas xxx
  • Tash, love that idea. maybe we should all put it to our men!!

    i was invited to the works do this year, but nothings paid for so really couldnt afford it.
    They are going out for a meal in a local nightclub and then partying till whenever. Its tonight in fact. Im so gad i said no though, im knackered

    Hope you all enjoy your 'do's'.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Thats what my meal out last night was.
    All the wags of Nigels buddies all go out for a meal only at christmas and we do secret santa, all paid for by the hubby's and boyfriends
  • How brilliant Lucyanne!!!!
  • and guess what we end up talking about all night??????

    (no not that!!! ).........Our children
  • Its always the way, either that or work!!
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