Oh My God!!

I've only been away for 36 hours and there must be over 400 posts to read! I might actually get back to you in the New Year!!!!!!


  • I managed to miss "Chat this evening" until it was over a 100 posts so I have to admit I didn't read it, way too much to get through!
  • Hi Caroline
    Same here, i didn't come on last night as my partner was home and have logged on this morning and there is loads of posts!

    Hope you have a nice day!
  • i only went to my inlaws at 4:30 for dinner and got home at 8 and there were 53 posts in the lounge!!

    That's the way i like it!!!!
  • Same here, I didn't get on much yesterday and not at all after about 1 so this morning there were 165 to read in the lounge and a few others here and there. Still not caught up yet!

    Like Tasha says, it's nice though, better than it being quiet.
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