Christmas Spirit????

Sorry Ladies but I need a rant!
I have just been to my local Post Office to post last minute cards and a pressie as we received an unexpected one this morning! The lady at the post office saw me coming and was stood tapping her watch, it was 5! They shut at 5.30, she is deaf and so you can never understand what she is saying althoug I am quite good at lip reading and could work out that she was giving me abuse! She snatched the parcel off me and was really unfriendly.

Due to PO cuts this PO was up for closure, and it is one f those being axed. Is it any wonder when you get abuse just for walking through the door after 4pm!!!! I usually boycott this place but the main PO had queues of an hour yesterday and as Bronwyn has been ill today and asleep all afternoon I had to wait for her to wake up before going out!I am so tempted to write to them and tell them that its no wonder no one fought to keep them open!!!!!


Sorry ladies but I feel slightly better now!


  • Hi Caroline,

    That would really have narked me too. It's not like it was 25 past or anything. I've had arguments in my post office before but not with staff with miserable older people!
  • Hi Caroline. I would do it, write a letter to let them know how you feel. Just because they are being shut down doesn't mean that they aren't still there now to provide a service within the given hours of trade. It is stressful enough doing the post office run this time of year, did it myself this morning, managed to get in the main queue after buying a jiffy bag just as the queue reached its peak. I always feel like yelling at our postman that it wouldn't hurt to smile once in a while as he is the most miserable postie I have met. I wonder why I bother to be friendly when he can't.

    What's wrong with Bronwyn? Hope it isn't anything serious, is she OK?
  • Hi Nicolette

    Bronwyn is fine, she has a cold, a bit of a temperature and a bunged up nose. Nothing serious! She has gone to bed after a dose of Medised!

    The lady in the post office is always a grumpy old cow! Her hubby is nice, i actually taught their daughter about 8 years ago! The post office is never busy either and i know of so many people who refuse to use it due to her attitude! I have no idea what her problem is!!! I usually walk an extra 25 mins each way and go to the main post office. I wish i had tonight but i knew i wouldn't have the time.

    I very nearly wished her a merry christmas but decided against it in case she thought i was being sincere!
  • HI Caroline, there is no need for rudeness!! it doesnt hurt to be polite!!

    I agree with you Nicolette, they are still there to provide a service. By the sounds of things, she should have been sacked a long time ago with that attitude.

    Kas xx
  • I would have been so tempted to wish her a merry christmas
  • omg theres no need for that,

    id have wished her a happy xmas too,

    i agree wrtite them a letter

  • I would have felt the same as you Caroline, there is no need for rudeness when you are there to provide a service!!

    I would be very tempted to write a letter, then they might realise why they are being closed!

    Hope you and Bronywn are ok xx
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