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This weeks magazine has got my blood boiling! There is a 2 page article about mothers who binge drink whilst pregnant. One woman featured has drunk and smoked through 3 pregnancies. I mean getting drunk, not just a glass of wine! She says that she has proved the experts wrong and it doesn't harm your unborn children!!!

She deserves to have her children removed from her care!!! How irresponsible! And what a message to give to other people.

There are people who would do anything just to have 1 healthy baby and either struggle to conceive or can't have kids. Yet this woman keeps having kids and continues her clubbing and drinking!

I have taught kids whose mothers have drunk during pregnancy and it creates all sorts of problems such as behaviour or learning.

I'll get off my soap box now!!!!!!


  • Dont blame you for feeling cross caroline.
    When I worked in London there was often a Drunken woman sitting outside M&S. She would always be drunk out of her head. She was also a shoplifter, anyway... She was about 7 months pregnant and I felt sorry for her, so I bought her a happy meal from MacDonalds and you know what.... she refused it saying she would'nt feed her unborn baby junk food!!!!!!!!
    I saw her again on a bus about a year later and there was no sign of a baby. Hopefully, the baby went to live with people who would take proper care of him/her.

    If the woman in your mag is putting babies lives/health at risk just to prove the statistics wrong then she should be charged with GBH
  • It is frustrating, I feel the same about women who smoke through their pregnancies and then say they have healthy children and all the doctors are wrong and it does no harm. Some women are lucky and are able to binge drink and smoke and take drugs and their babies are healthy. However, there are others who have one drink and end up with a child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    I knew a lady who chain smoked through both her pregnancies. Both children were born severely prem and with major issues. I can only assume in her case that the doctors were too coy to tell her the reason. In NICU with my son was a little boy who was being weaned off heroine as his mother was an addict. She visited her son once in the two weeks we were there which tells as much again about the kind of mother she was.

    I do think it is irresponsbile of anyone to advertise people who have 'gotten away with it' rather than underlining the risks.
  • I'm sorry if this sounds a little strong but some people don't deserve to have children.
  • I agree Zoe
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who is infuriated by this article! I have actually emailed the magazine with a response about how disgusting these women are!
  • Good for you.
    Let us know what sort of response you get from them
  • Thats so disgusting! i too agree that some people do not deserve to have children
  • i hate when i hear of stories like that.
    its disgusting that some people have babies like that and some people who are so much more deserving cant have children.

    it sounds to me like those mums whos babies turn out healthy are boasting about it and encouraging it.

    Its wrong!!
  • Things like that make me sooo angry, i agree with all your coments!
  • I know I have already replied but its been bugging me so much! There are people out there desperate for babies and people who have trouble conceiving or have miscarriages. Why do these people want to put their most precious thing at risk!!
    Will get off my soapbox now
  • It is tragic that these poor babies are born into such awful circumstances when they have probably fought so hard to develop in utero in the first place, unfortunately it is a sad fact that this happens all the time and all that can be done is the children are removed to a safe place following their birth, you need to be vetted to own a dog for god's sake but hey anyone can have a baby!!!! Just not right is it.....
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