Time to put away my double sided tape!

I have finally finished my Christmas crafting. That's 40 Christmas cards made and 40 scrapbook pages completed!

I am amazed that I have done them, and there were times when I was tempted to give up. BUT I am pleased that I continued!!!!

Now all I have to do is tidy up my craft stuff, I'm not joking when I say I could lose Bronwyn amongst all my craft stuff!!!!!! The room is a bombsite, but it can wait!!!!

Will someone please remind me to start my Christmas Crafting earlier next year please???


  • Hi Caroline,

    Well done - will you be giving the scrapbooks as gifts to your family?
  • Yes Sarah, I have done 10 pages in 4 different scrapbooks. 1 was posted to bronwyn's granny in Portsmouth, and the others are going with me for my parents, and my grandparents. There is space in each album for another 10 ages so its a work in progress.
  • Well done Caroline!!!!!!
  • Well done Caroline. I shall try to remind you to do it earlier next year as I want to start my shopping earlier next year too! I've finished today just got to wrap now and as I'm under the weather it has taken a lot out of me. Would rather be taking it easy with a smug look on my face.

    I'm sure your family will be amazed with what you have done and so it will be worth it.

    Zoe xx
  • Thanks Zoe,
    I actually start my shopping in January. I buy stuff in the sales and throughout the year and put it away. I always have stuff in for presents should I need them. I already have a few of next years gifts!!!! God I am sad!!!

    All of my pressies are wrapped, although I've not bothered with my usual standard with ribbons and bows!!!!

    I am getting a little stressed here as I am awaiting a delivery which contains 2 pressies! As I go to my parents tomorrow afternoon I am running out of time!
  • Well done Caroline. I know you have put a lot of effort into making them, and its been hard work, but you've done it and I am sure the recipients will love them. Its something for them to treasure.
  • well done caroline. hurray!
    thats such a fantastic job considering you have a new baby. im sure they'll all be very appreciative of them.

    oh caroline, isnt it time you start next years crafting? you wanted a reminder. hehe

    kas xx
  • Cheers Kas! I am relly pleased with what I have done! I just hope the Royal Mail manage to get my parcel to Gareth's mum in Portsmouth. Not going to hold my breath as I am waiting on several parcels. They have 5 hours to deliver before I go to my parents!

    Thanks for my reminder, I'll have forgotten by Christmas!!!
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