hey there

Oh come on...It's Christmas.
I thought you were a real newbie wanting to join our chats, it's a shame.


  • I've done my usual girls!
  • dont you "people" read these forums first??
    if you actually took time to, you'd see that we have had the same post about a million times (or more), and we would rather chat than hear about freebie this that and the other.

    dont know why im bothering to reply really, you'll never read this anyway, you are probably onto the next forum putting the same post!!
    no doubt we'll read another post in a month or so under yet another different name.
  • Oh for God's sake!

    Go and stick your freebie sights where the sun don't shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And breathe...........
  • Go away Luisa and come back when you want to have a proper chat. Then we will welcome you with open arms.
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