Hi all,

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas. Looking forward to hearing everyones stories and maybe seeing some photo's too. We had a great time here and are enjoying the time together.

What time did your children get you up?

I was up at 7.30, the kids didn't get up til 8!! OOppps!!

Jack was so excited that Santa had been, had some mince pie and a little sherry. The reindeer were thirsty as all the water had gone and the carrots had been half eaten too! His face was alight with excitment it was lovely.

Charl still doesn't understand but it was nice to see her opening presents and saying wow to everything.

When i've time i'll pop some photo's on.

Take care,

Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe, Glad you had such a good time, i bet it was lovely seeing Jack so excited.

    We got up at 7 and were at his mums for half nine, Jessica has been well and truly spoilt, but her favourite presents were a cheap tea set and a little bag with baby things in it.

    I had a bad night christmas night, i didn't want to stay at his mums as i knew Jessica would not sleep, but got bullied into it. Any way at half ten Jessica was still crying and wanted her bed but didn't want to sleep there so i said i was going to go home and they all had a go at me and said she should not rule my life!
    Poor thing did not understand and she finally went of at eleven and woke at half four!!

    Apart from that we had a nice time, hope everyone else did.

    Chat soon xx
  • Morning all,

    Sounds like your little'uns enjoyed Christmas Zoe - can't wait to see some pics.

    Simone - poor little Jessica - In a way I know how you feel - we only have two dogs (at the mo) but last christmas we only had one and stayed at my mums - our dog wouldn't settle and you can't really explain to them that its only for one night - he kept getting up all night and fidgeting and wouldnt settle down - I know its not quite the same but sorta know how you feel.

    Anyway did Jessica enjoy her presents? x
  • Hello Zoe

    We had a really lovely christmas thankyou and i'm glad you did too. We put Ethan to bed early at 7 on christmas eve (he normally goes at 8) thinking he'd get up early but we had to wake them both at 7:30!! It didn't take a lot to bring ethan round though, i think the words 'Santas been' did it!!!

    We also put bits out for Santa (for the 1st time as ethan was too younglast year) and Ethan noticed that they'd all been eaten/drunk before he saw the presents! Amber didn't appreciate the wrapped presents but thoroughly enjoyed herself once they'd been opened!

    We got to meet our 2 day old nephew on christmas morning which was very special and he's completely gorgeous! It was amazing to see all 3 grandchilgren tgether. Ethan adored Finlay which i was relieved about.

    Simone, i do sympathise with you we have always stayed at my inlaws but last year with Ethan was just too hard so we had already agreed to come home. They all tried to pursuade us to stay but we didn't leave until 9:30 in the end so i think everyone was happy!

    Anyway, i look forward to catching up with you all soon, enjot the rest of your christmas break xxx
  • Hi girls,

    It's great to hear from you.

    Simone it sounds like you had a bit of a rough time. I know how you feel, I normally let my mum get her way. I decided it wasn't worth it this year, she wanted us all at her house Christmas Day and I said no (very brave). We had a heated discussion, then a few days later she said she understood my argument and that it was ok!

    Charl is hard work for us, we don't let her completely rule our lives but we do what's right for us, like a compromise. She's getting better the older she gets, her problem was she liked her routine too much and didn't like change, we introduced things slowly but regularly and she's a lot better.

    Sorry if that's a load of waffle!!

    Bye for now!
  • No that was not a load of waffle Zoe.

    Its the same with Jessica, she has had her routine since she was 4months old and loves her own bed, i should never have said yes to staying in the first place as i knew she would not sleep.

    Never mind christmas at my mums next year and she will let us go home!

    Hope you are all having a nice week.

    Chat soon xx
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