Christmas photo's

Here are a few photo's of Jack and Charlotte taken on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Looking forward to seeing some others on here to.

Zoe xx


  • Zoe they are lovely, will try and put mine on later xx
  • They look sooo happy with there presents

    I like the one of Charlotte sleeping - she looks very content
  • They're great pictures Zoe, it looks like the kids had a wonderful day! I'll try and put mine on soon xx
  • Thanks, we all had a good couple of days.

    The one of Charl asleep was taken on Christmas Day night in her new Peppa Pig pj's. I had to take a photo of her she looked so sweet. She was exhausted after a busy day!

    We've got some good photo's of them both this year, they don't seem so camera shy and they let us know when they have had enough so can't complain.

    Hope to see some more on here soon.

    Zoe xx
  • awww they look like they had a great time xx
  • how sweet zoe, looks like they had a fab day,.

    im gutted, our camera has seized up, so we have no photos of the day, but took some video footage.

    glad you all had fun
    chat soon
    kas xx
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