You did it Zoe!!!!

You're Web User Of The Month!!!

Well done! Jack's going to be very impressed with what you've won!


  • Thanks Tasha, my mags just arrived too. Jack is very excited! I'm quite chuffed to!!

    Just going to have a flick through for others!

    YEAH!! Sorry!
  • There's a great article on page 50 about Kas and Ant and his help during Taras birth!! It's strange to read something knowing the people their talking about!
  • Congratulations Zoe x

    Can I ask a quick question - what is web user of the month?
  • It's a section in Practical Parenting magazine and is basically what it says, they select a winner each month. The winner says a bit about like/ dislikes then wins prizes! ( that take months to arrive)!!!!
  • There's most of the regulars are in the what grates section too.

    Do we know exactly how long the prizes take to arrive? I've told Jack they'll be here for his birthday which is April!!!!
  • I'm afraid i wouldn't hold your breath! whe n i first joined pp i read back old posts and their were people discussing wuotm and how long it can take for the prizes to arrive so i thik it's normal.
    Boo, please let us know when yours arrive!
  • Could it really take longer than four months to arrive?
  • Not Sure but we'll have an idea when Boos arrives i guess. x
  • Ok, put a post on Boo when your's arrives to give the rest of us an idea. Thank you.
  • Not got my mag yet. What did you win?
  • Well done Zoe, you might get it by next christmas!lol

    There are alot of us in the mag this month, will have a proper look later.
  • Thanks girls, wonder who next months will be? By next Christmas I expect all the regulars will win at some point.

    Andrea, to answer your question the web user of the month prize is a selection of Kenwood Disney goodies. Popcorn maker, ice cream maker, Smoothie maker and a Toaster. It's a fab prize to win. I just hope i get to make my own ice creams in the summer!!!!!!!!

    Boo, I doubt i'll get mine before you and Tasha. Whatever the system is it's obviously slow.

    Take care all,

    Zoe xx
  • Well done Zoe!!!!!!!!
  • Well Done Zoe!!!

    Wooooo hoooooo!!!!! Where are you going to put all those gadgets????

    There are loads of names I recongise this month. Me twice, I am under the rates section and I am fiona in the sex article (just in case!!) I don't mind you lot knowing that but I would have been concerned if my mother had read it!
  • Hi Caroline - I'm going to have to read that bit! Spotted lots of names I recognise this month.

    And Zoe, well done! Great to see a photo of you!
  • I will have to go buy it - will have to sneak it in - otherwise OH will think I'm a bit mad
  • Hi ya havent got mag yet but im going to sign up this year as i hate going to the shop an they all out,plus you get it early.
    COngrats zoe,what did you get.
  • I'm in the sex bit too as Natalia evans!!!!
  • Sounds like my partner Tasha!lol
  • I did try and get a copy today - but they didn't have any.

    What issue is it - so when I do find it - I will get the right one
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